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UNIT I Transformer Introduction - Ideal and Practical Transformer - Phasor diagram - Per Unit System - Equivalent circuit- Testing - Efficiency and Voltage Regulation - Three Phase Transformers - Applications- Auto Transformers, Advantages - Harmonics. (Chapter - 1) UNIT II DC Machines Introduction - Constructional Features - Motor and Generator mode - EMF and Torque equation - Circuit Model - Methods of Excitation- Characteristics - Starting and Speed Control - Universal Motor- Stepper Motors - Brushless DC Motors- Applications. (Chapter - 2) UNIT III AC Rotating Machines Principle of operation of three-phase induction motors - Construction - Types - Equivalent circuit, Speed Control - Single phase Induction motors - Construction - Types - starting methods. Alternator : Working principle - Equation of induced EMF - Voltage regulation, Synchronous motors - working principle - starting methods - Torque equation. (Chapters - 3, 4, 5, 6) UNIT IVMeasurements and Instrumentation Functional elements of an instrument, Standards and calibration, Operating Principle, types - Moving Coil and Moving Iron meters, Measurement of three phase power, Energy Meter, Instrument Transformers - CT and PT, DSO- Block diagram- Data acquisition. (Chapter - 7) UNIT V Basics of Power Systems Power system structure - Generation, Transmission and distribution, Various voltage levels, Earthing - methods of earthing, protective devices - switch fuse unit - Miniature circuit breaker - moulded case circuit breaker- earth leakage circuit breaker, safety precautions and First Aid. (Chapter - 8)

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Pages: 332 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications