Web Application Development for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - IT - 314453)

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Unit I INTRODUCTION TO WEB TECHNOLOGIES HTML : Getting started with HTML, Why HTML, Tags and Elements, Attributes, Properties, Headings list, Links, Tables, Images, HTML Form, Media (Audio, Video), Semantic HTML5 Elements. CSS : Why CSS, Types of CSS, How to use CSS, Properties, Classes, Child-Class (Nested CSS), Colors, Text, Background, Border, Margin, Padding, Positioning (flex, grid, inline, block), Animation, Transition. BOOTSTRAP : Why Bootstrap, CSS over Bootstrap, How to Use Bootstrap, Bootstrap Grid System, Bootstrap Responsive, Bootstrap Classes, Bootstrap Components (i.e., Button, Table, List, etc.), Bootstrap as a Cross Platform. W3C : What is W3C , How W3C handles/Supports Web Technologies. (Chapter - 1) Unit II WEB SCRIPTING LANGUAGES JavaScript : Introduction to Scripting languages, Introduction to JavaScript (JS), JS Variables and Constants, JS Variable Scopes, JS Data Types, JS Functions, JS Array, JS Object, JS Events. Advanced JavaScript : JSON - JSON Create, Key-Value Pair, JSON Access, JSON Array, JS Arrow Functions, JS Callback Functions, JS Promises, JS Async-Await Functions, JS Error Handling. AJAX : Why AJAX, Call HTTP Methods Using AJAX, Data Sending, Data Receiving, AJAX Error Handling. JQUERY : Why JQuery, How to Use, DOM Manipulation with JQuery, Dynamic Content Change with JQuery, UI Design Using JQuery. (Chapter - 2) Unit III FRONT END TECHNOLOGIES Front-End Frameworks : What is web framework? Why Web Framework? Web Framework Types. MVC : What is MVC, MVC Architecture, MVC in Practical, MVC in Web Frameworks. TypeScript : Introduction to TypeScript (TS), Variables and Constants, Modules in TS. AngularVersion 10+ : Angular CLI, Angular Architecture, Angular Project Structure, Angular Lifecycle, Angular Modules, Angular Components, Angular Data Binding, Directives and Pipes, Angular Services and Dependency Injections (DI), Angular Routers, Angular Forms. ReactJS : Introduction to ReactJS, React Components, Inter Components Communicat

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