Wireless Sensor Networks for JNTU-H 18 Course (IV - II - ECE - EC813PE) - Professional Elective – V (Decode)

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UNIT - I : Introduction to Sensor Networks, unique constraints and challenges, Advantage of Sensor Networks, Applications of Sensor Networks, Types of wireless sensor networks. (Chapter - 1) UNIT - II : Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) and Wireless Sensor Networks, Enabling technologies for Wireless Sensor Networks. Issues and challenges in wireless sensor networks. (Chapter - 2) UNIT - III : Routing protocols, MAC protocols : Classification of MAC Protocols, S-MAC Protocol, B-MAC protocol, IEEE 802.15.4 standard and ZigBee. (Chapter - 3) UNIT - IV : Dissemination protocol for large sensor network. Data dissemination, data gathering, and data fusion; Quality of a sensor network; Real-time traffic support and security protocols. (Chapter - 4) UNIT - V : Design Principles for WSNs, Gateway Concepts Need for gateway, WSN to Internet Communication, and Internet to WSN Communication. Single-node architecture, Hardware components & design constraints, Operating systems and execution environments, introduction to TinyOS and nesC. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [S.Senthilrani] Pages: 100 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications