Electric Drives for GTU 18 Course (VI- Electrical /Prof. Elec.-II - 3160919)

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Module 1DC motor characteristics Review of emf and torque equations of DC machine, review of torque-speed characteristics of separately excited dc motor, change in torque-speed curve with armature voltage, example load torque-speed characteristics, operating point, armature voltage control for varying motor speed, flux weakening for high speed operation. (Chapter - 1) Module 2Chopper fed DC drive Review of dc chopper and duty ratio control, chopper fed dc motor for speed control, steady state operation of a chopper fed drive, armature current waveform and ripple, calculation of losses in dc motor and chopper, efficiency of dc drive, smooth starting. (Chapter - 2) Module 3 Multi-quadrant DC drive Review of motoring and generating modes operation of a separately excited dc machine, four quadrant operation of dc machine; single-quadrant, two-quadrant and four-quadrant choppers; steady-state operation of multi-quadrant chopper fed dc drive, regenerative braking. (Chapter - 3) Module 4 Closed-loop control of DC Drive Control structure of DC drive, inner current loop and outer speed loop, dynamic model of dc motor dynamic equations and transfer functions, modeling of chopper as gain with switching delay, plant transfer function, for controller design, current controller specification and design, speed controller specification and design. (Chapter - 4) Module 5Induction motor characteristics Review of induction motor equivalent circuit and torque-speed characteristic, variation of torque speed curve with (i) applied voltage, (ii) applied frequency and (iii) applied voltage and frequency, typical torque-speed curves of fan and pump loads, operating point, constant flux operation, flux weakening operation. (Chapter - 5) Module 6 Scalar control or constant V/f control of induction motor Review of three-phase voltage source inverter, generation of three-phase PWM signals, sinusoidal modulation, space vector theory, conventional space vector modulation; constant V/

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Author: [U.A. Bakshi, J. S. Chitode] Pages: 236 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications