Digital Forensics for GTU 18 Course (VII - CE/CSE - 3170725) - Open Elective - III

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1. Introduction : Understanding of forensic science, digital forensic, The digital forensic process, Locard’s exchange principle, Scientific models. (Chapter - 1) 2. Understanding of the technical concepts : Basic computer organization, File system, Memory organization concept, Data storage concepts. (Chapter - 2) 3. Digital Forensics Process Model : Introduction to cybercrime scene, Documenting the scene and evidence, maintaining the chain of custody, forensic cloning of evidence, Live and dead system forensic, Hashing concepts to maintain the integrity of evidence, Report drafting. (Chapter - 3) 4. Computer Operating system Artifacts : Finding deleted data, hibernating files, examining window registry, recycle bin operation, understanding of metadata, Restore points and shadow copies. (Chapter - 4) 5. Legal aspects of digital forensics : Understanding of legal aspects and their impact on digital forensics, Electronics discovery. (Chapter - 5) 6. Understanding of digital Forensic tools : Quality assurance, Tool validation, Tool selection, Hardware and Software tools. (Chapter - 6) 7. Case Study : Understanding of Internet resources, Web browser, Email header forensic, social networking sites. (Chapter - 7)

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