Project Management for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM VI - E&Tc. - 304193)

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Unit I Fundamentals of Project Management Basics of Project Management : Definition of Project, The Project Life Cycle, Definition of project management, Need of Project management, Project Management process and its importance, The Project Manager (PM), Phases of Project Management Life Cycle, Project Management Processes, Impact of Delays in Project Completions, Essentials of Project Management Philosophy, Project Management Principles. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Project Identification, Selection & Planning Project Identification and Selection : Introduction, Project Identification Process, Project Initiation, Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Studies, Project Break-even point. Project Planning : Introduction and need for Project Planning, Project Life Cycle, Roles, Responsibility and Team Work, Project Planning Process, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). (Chapter - 2) Unit III Project Organizational structure & Issues Organizational Structure and Organizational Issues : Introduction, Concept of Organizational Structure, Roles and Responsibilities of Project Leader, Relationship between Project Manager and Line Manager, Leadership Styles for Project Managers, Conflict Resolution, Team Management and Diversity Management, Change management. (Chapter - 3) Unit IV Project Scheduling PERT and CPM : Introduction, Development of Project Network, Time Estimation, Determination of the Critical Path, PERT Model, Measures of variability, CPM Model, Network Cost System. Resources Considerations in Projects : Introduction, Resource Allocation, Scheduling, Project Cost Estimate and Budgets, Cost Forecasts. (Chapter - 4) Unit V Project Risk & Financial Management Project Risk Management : Introduction, Risk, Risk Management, Role of Risk Management in Overall Project Management, Steps in Risk Management, Risk Identification, Risk Analysis, Reducing Risks. Introduction to Project Management Tools such as : Trello, JIRA and Asana. Financial Management in Projects : Project Finance structure, Process of Project Financial Management : Conducting Feasibility Studies, Planning the Project Finance, Arranging the Financial Package, Controlling the Financial Package, Controlling Financial Risk, Options Models. (Chapter - 5) Unit VI Product Development & Entrepreneurship Product Development : Introduction, Development Process and organizations, product planning, identifying customer needs, Product Significations, concept generation, selection, testing, Design for Manufacturing, Prototyping, Robust Design. Entrepreneurship : Concept, knowledge, and skills requirement; characteristic of successful entrepreneurs; entrepreneurship process; factors impacting emergence of entrepreneurship. Legal issues related to Product development and Entrepreneurship : Intellectual property rights- patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing, franchising. (Chapter - 6)

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