Digital System Design for GTU 18 Course (III - ECE/Elex. - 3131102)

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Syllabus : Digital System Design - (3131102) Credits Examination Marks Total Marks C Theory Marks Practical Marks ESE (E) PA(M) ESE Viva (V) PA (I) 5 70 30 30 20 150 1. Review of number systems, logic gates, Boolean algebra - postulates and theorems, SOP & POS forms, canonical forms, logic minimization using Karnaugh Map and tabulation methods up to 6 variables, Realizing logic functions using gates. (Chapters - 1, 2, 3) 2. Combinational logic circuit design : half adder full adder, BCD adder, code converters, magnitude comparator, multiplexers and decoders, MSI digital circuit design problems. (Chapter - 4) 3. Sequential logic circuit design : Flip Flops-SR, JK, T, D and master-slave FF, ripple and synchronous counters, shift registers. (Chapter - 5) 4. Introduction to Finite State Machines (FSM) : The need for state machines, The state machine, basic concepts in state machine analysis. (Chapter - 6) 5. Synchronous state machine design : Sequential counters, state changes referenced to clock, number of state flip-flops, input forming logic, output forming logic, generation of a state diagram from a timing chart, redundant states, general state machine architecture. Concept of asynchronous state machine and comparison to synchronous state machine. (Chapter - 7) 6. Logic families : Specifications, noise margin, propagation delay, fan-in, fanout, Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL), Emitter-Coupled Logic (ECL), CMOS Logic, TTL and CMOS Gates, Introduction to basics of FINFET (Chapter - 8) 7. Programmable Logic Devices: Introduction to Programmable Logic Devices, Read-Only Memory, Programmable Logic Arrays (PLA), Programmable Array Logic (PAL), Combinational PLD-Based State Machines, State Machines on a Chip. (Chapter - 9) 8. VLSI Design flow: Design entry : Schematic, FSM & HDL, different modeling styles in Verilog: Behavioral and Structural Modeling, Data types and objects, Synthesis and Simulation Verilog constructs and codes for combinational and sequential circuits. (Chapter - 10) 9. A to D Converter and D to A Converter : Introduction, Digital to Analog Conversion : Weighted Resistor D/A Converter, R-2R Ladder D/A Converter, Specifications for D/A Converters, An Example of D/A Converter IC : Digital Input Codes, Analog output, Calibration, Sample and Hold, Analog to Digital Converters : Quntization and Encoding, Parallel Comparator A/D Converter, Counting A/D Converter, Dual Slope A/D Converter, A/D Converter Using Voltage to frequency conversation, A/D Converter Using Voltage to time conversation, Specification of A/D Converters An Example of A/D Converter IC : Operation, Digital Output, Analog Input, Calibration. (Chapter - 11)

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