Signals and Systems for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (V- EEE -18EE54)

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Module - 1 Introduction : Definitions of signals and a system, classification of signals, basic operations on signals. Elementary signals viewed as interconnections of operations, properties of systems. (Chapter - 1) Module - 2 Time – Domain Representations For LTI Systems : Convolution, impulse response, properties, solution of differential and difference equations, block diagram representation. (Chapters - 2, 3) Module - 3 The Continuous-Time Fourier Transform : Representation of a non -periodic signals: continuous-time Fourier transform (FT), Properties of continuous-time Fourier transform, Applications. Frequency response of LTI systems, Solutions of differential equations. (Chapters - 4, 5, 6) Module - 4 The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform : Representations of non-periodic signals: The discrete-time Fourier transform (DTFT), Properties of DTFT and applications. Frequency response of LTI system, Solutions of differential equations. (Chapters - 5, 6) Module - 5 Z- Transforms : Introduction, Z-transform, properties of ROC, properties of Z-transforms, inversion of Z-transform methods - power series and partial expansion, Transforms analysis of LTI systems, transfer function, stability and causality, unilateral Z-transform and its application to solve difference equations. (Chapters - 7, 8)

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Author: [Dr. J. S. Chitode] Pages: 660 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications