Electrical Installation Design and condition based Maintenance for SPPU 19 Course (TE - SEM V - ELECTRICAL- 303143) (END SEM) (Decode)

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Syllabus Electrical Installation, Design and Condition Based Maintenance (303144) Credits Examination Scheme TH 03 ISE 30 Marks PR 02 ESE 70 Marks OR 25 Marks TW 25 Marks Unit 03 Maintenance and Condition Monitoring Importance and necessity of maintenance, different maintenance strategies like breakdown maintenance, planned/preventive maintenance and condition based maintenance. Planned and preventive maintenance of transformer, Induction motor and Alternators. Insulation stressing factors, Insulation deterioration, polarization index, dielectric absorption ratio. Concept of condition monitoring of electrical equipment. Advance tools and techniques of condition monitoring, Thermography. Failure modes of transformer, Condition monitoring of oil as per the IS/IEC standards, Filtration/reconditioning of insulating oil, Condition monitoring of transformer bushings, on load tap changer, dissolved gas analysis, degree of polymerization. Induction motor fault diagnostic methods - Vibration Signature Analysis, Motor Current Signature Analysis. Hot Line Maintenance - Meaning and advantages, special types of non-conducting Materials used for tools for hot line maintenance. (Chapter - 3) Unit 04 Basics of Estimation and Costing Purpose of estimating and costing, qualities of good estimator, essential elements of estimating and costing, tender, guidelines for inviting tenders, quotation, price catalogue, labor rates, schedule of rates and estimating data (only theory). (Chapter - 4)   Unit 05 Installation and estimation of distribution system Introduction cable sizing, Estimation and conductor size calculations of internal wiring for Residential and Commercial (Numerical) installations and estimate for underground LT service lines. (Chapter - 5) Unit 06 Testing and Electrical Safety Understanding CAT Ratings & Using CAT rated Instrument, Electrical Installation Testing Procedures - Insulation resistance test between installation and earth, Insulation resistance test between conductors (use of GUARD Terminal in IR test & Application) (methods used for IR Testing) Testing of polarity, Testing of earth continuity paths (Applications of PAT Tester “Portable Appliance Tester” in commercial like hotels, hospital & Industry also) and Earth resistance test (methods for earth testing 2-pole, 3-pole new methods clamp on type where we can performs test in Live). Contents of first aid box, treatment for cuts, burns and electrical shock. Procedures for first aid (e.g. removing casualty from contact with live wire and administering artificial respiration). Various statutory regulations (Electricity supply regulations, factory acts and Indian electricity rules of Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Classification of hazardous area. ( Introduction to OSHA ) (Chapter - 6)

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