Programming and Problem Solving using Python (Engineering Reference Books)

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This textbook is designed to learn python programming from scratch. At the beginning of the book general problem solving concepts such as types of problems, difficulties in problem solving, and problem solving aspects are discussed. From this book, you will start learning the Python programming by knowing about the variables, constants, keywords, data types, indentation and various programming constructs. The most commonly used types such as Lists, Tuples, dictionaries are also discussed with necessary examples and illustrations. The book includes the concepts of functions, lambda functions, modules and strings. In the later part of this book the concept of object oriented programming using Python is discussed in detail. Finally how to handle files and directories using Python is discussed. At the end of book some sample programs in Python are given that are based on the programming constructs. Python will be most demanded language after Java in future. So learning Python is need for today’s software professionals. This book serves the purpose of teaching Python programming in the simplest and easiest manner.

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Author: [Anuradha A. Puntambekar] Pages: 234 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications