Electric Motors (Engineering Reference Books)

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The importance of electric motors is well known in the various engineering fields. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the various types of electric motors including d.c. motors, three phase and single phase induction motors, synchronous motors, universal motor, a.c. servomotor, linear induction motor and stepper motors. The book covers all the details of d.c. motors including torque equation, back e.m.f., characteristics, types of starters, speed control methods and applications. The book also covers the various testing methods of d.c. motors such as Swinburne's test, brake test, retardation test, field test and Hopkinson's test. The book further explains the three phase induction motors in detail. It includes the production of rotating magnetic field, construction, working, effect of slip, torque equation, torque ratios, torque-slip characteristics, losses, power flow, equivalent circuit, effect of harmonics on the performance, circle diagram and applications. This chapter also includes the discussion of induction generator. The book teaches the various starting methods and speed control methods of three phase induction motors. The book incorporates the explanation of various single phase induction motors. The chapter on synchronous motor provides the detailed discussion of construction, working principle, behavior on load, analysis of phasor diagram, Vee and Inverted Vee curves, hunting, synchronous condenser and applications. The book also teaches the various special machines such as single phase commutator motors, universal motor, a.c. servomotor, linear induction motor and stepper motors. The book uses plain, lucid language to explain each topic. The book provides the logical method of explaining the various complicated topics and stepwise methods to make the understanding easy. Each chapter is well supported with necessary illustrations, self explanatory diagrams and variety of solved problems. The book explains the philosophy of the subject which makes the understanding of the concepts very clear and makes the subject more interesting.

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Author: [Uday A. Bakshi] Pages: 434 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications