Modern Control Theory (Engineering Reference Books)

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The book is written for an undergraduate course on the Modern Control Systems. It provides comprehensive explanation of state variable analysis of linear control systems and analysis of nonlinear control systems. Each chapter starts with the background of the topic. Then it gives the conceptual knowledge about the topic dividing it in various sections and subsections. Each chapter provides the detailed explanation of the topic, practical examples and variety of solved problems. The book explains the philosophy of the subject which makes the understanding of the concepts very clear and makes the subject more interesting. The book starts with explaining the concept of state variable and state model of linear control systems. Then it explains how to obtain the state models of various types of systems using phase variables, canonical variables, Jordan's canonical form and cascade programming. Then the book includes good coverage of the matrix algebra including eigen values, eigen vectors, modal matrix and diagonalization. It also includes the derivation of transfer function of the system from its state model. The book further explains the solution of state equations including the concept of state transition matrix. It also includes the various methods of obtaining the state transition matrix such as Laplace transform method, Power series method, Cayley Hamilton method and Similarity transformation method. It further includes the detailed discussion of controllability and observability of systems. It also provides the discussion of pole placement technique of system design. The book teaches various types of nonlinearities and the nonlinear systems. The book covers the fundamental knowledge of analysis of nonlinear systems using phase plane method, isocline method and delta method. Finally, it explains stability analysis of nonlinear systems and Liapunov's stability analysis.

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Author: [Uday A. Bakshi] Pages: 540 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications