Network Analysis (Engineering Reference Books)

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The book covers all the aspects of Network Analysis for undergraduate course. The book provides comprehensive coverage of network analysis and simplification techniques, network theorems, graph theory, transient analysis, filters, attenuators, Laplace transform, network functions and two port network parameters with the help of large number of solved problems. The book starts with explaining the various network simplification techniques including mesh analysis, node analysis and source shifting. The basics of a.c. fundamentals are also explained in support. The book covers the various network theorems. Then the book explains the graph theory, its application in network analysis along with the concept of duality. The transient analysis of various networks is also explained in the book. The book incorporates the detailed discussion of resonant circuits. The book also explains the theory of four terminal networks, filters and attenuators. The Laplace transform plays an important role in the network analysis. The chapter on Laplace transform includes properties of Laplace transform and its application in the network analysis. The book includes the discussion of network functions of one and two port networks. The book covers the various aspects of two port network parameters along with the conditions of symmetry and reciprocity. It also derives the interrelationships between the two port network parameters. The book uses plain and lucid language to explain each topic. The book provides the logical method of explaining the various complicated topics and stepwise methods to make the understanding easy. The variety of solved examples is the feature of this book. The book explains the philosophy of the subject which makes the understanding of the subject very clear and makes the subject more interesting. The students have to omit nothing and possibly have to cover nothing more.

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Author: [Uday A. Bakshi] Pages: 838 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications