Solid Mechanics for SPPU 19 Course (SE - III - Mech. - 202041)

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Unit I Simple Stresses and Strains Simple Stress and Strain : Introduction to types of loads (Static, Dynamic & Impact Loading) and various types of stresses with applications, Hooke’s law, Poisson’s ratio, Modulus of elasticity, Modulus of rigidity, Bulk modulus. Interrelation between elastic constants, Stress-strain diagram for ductile and brittle materials, factor of safety, Stresses and strains in determinate and indeterminate beam, homogeneous and composite bars under concentrated loads and self-weight, Thermal stresses in plain and composite members. (Chapter - 1) Unit II Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams SFD and BMD : Introduction to SFD, BMD with application, SFD & BMD for statically determinate beam due to concentrated load, uniformly distributed load, uniformly varying load, couple and combined loading, Relationship between rate of loading, shear force and bending moment, Concept of zero shear force, Maximum bending moment, point of contra-flexure. (Chapter - 2) Unit III Stresses, Slope and Deflection on Beams Bending Stress on a Beam : Introduction to bending stress on a beam with application, Theory of Simple bending, assumptions in pure bending, derivation of flexural formula, Moment of inertia of common cross section (Circular, Hollow circular, Rectangular, I & T), Bending stress distribution along the same cross-section. Shear Stress on a Beam : Introduction to transverse shear stress on a beam with application, shear stress distribution diagram along the Circular, Hollow circular, Rectangular, I & T cross-section. Slope and Deflection on a Beam : Introduction to slope & deflection on a beam with application, slope, deflection and Radius of Curvature, Macaulay’s Method, Slope and Deflection for all standard beams. (Chapters - 3, 4, 5) Unit IV Torsion, Buckling Torsion of circular shafts : Introduction to torsion on a shaft with application, Basic torsion formulae and assumption in torsion theory, Torsion in stepped and composite shafts, Torque transmission on strength and rigidity basis, Torsional Resilience. Torsion on Thin-Walled Tubes : Introduction of Torsion on Thin-Walled Tubes Shaft and its application. Buckling of columns : Introduction to buckling of column with its application, Different column conditions and critical, safe load determination by Euler’s theory. Limitations of Euler’s Theory. (Chapters - 6, 7) Unit V Principal Stresses, Theories of Failure Principal Stresses : Introduction to principal stresses with application, Transformation of Plane Stress, Principal Stresses and planes (Analytical method and Mohr's Circle), Stresses due to combined Normal and Shear stresses. Theories of Elastic failure : Introduction to theories of failure with application, Maximum principal stress theory, Maximum shear stress theory, Maximum distortion energy theory, Maximum principal strain theory, Maximum strain energy theory. (Chapters - 8, 9) Unit VI Application based Combined Loading and Stresses (Based on load and stress condition studied in Unit I to Unit V) Introduction to the Combined Loading and various stresses with application, Free Body Diagram and condition of Equilibrium for determining internal reaction forces, couples for 2-D system, Combined stresses at any cross-section or at any particular point for Industrial and Real life example for the following cases: Combined problem of Normal type of Stresses (Tensile, Compressive and Bending stress), Combined problem of Shear type of stresses (Direct and Torsional Shear stresses), Combined problem of Normal and Shear type of Stresses. (Chapter - 10)

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