Manufacturing Technology for GTU 18 Course (V - Mech. - 3151912 )

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1. Manufacturing Technology: Importance of manufacturing, economic and technological definition of manufacturing, Classification of manufacturing processes, Selection of Manufacturing process. (Chapter - 1) 2. Foundry Technology: Patterns practices:Types of patterns, allowances and material used for patterns, moulding materials, Moulding sands; properties and sand testing; grain fineness; moisture content, clay content and permeability test, core materials and core making, core print; core boxes, chaplets, gating system design. Moulding practices: Green, dry and loam sand moulding, pit and floor moulding ; shell moulding ; permanent moulding ; carbon dioxide moulding. Casting practices: Fundamental of metal casting, Sand casting, Shell-Mould casting, Mold casting (plaster and ceramic), Investment casting, Vacuum casting, Permanent mould casting, Slush casting, Pressure casting, Die casting, Centrifugal casting, Continuous casting, Squeeze casting, Casting alloys, Casting defects, Design of casting, Gating system design, and riser design. Melting furnaces-rotary, Pit electric, Tilting and cupola. Metallurgical considerations in casting elements of gating system, and risers and their design. (Chapter - 2) 3. Metal Joining Processes: Principle of welding, soldering, Brazing and adhesive bonding. Classification of welding and allied processes. Gas welding and gas cutting, Principle, Oxyacetylene welding equipment, Oxyhydrogen welding. Resistance welding, Principle and Equipment, Spot, Projection and seam welding process, Atomic hydrogen, ultrasonic, Plasma and laser beam welding, Electron beam welding, and special welding processes e.g. TIG, MIG, friction and explosive welding, welding of C.I. and Al, Welding defects. Electrodes and Electrode Coatings, Welding positions. (Chapter - 3) 4. Forming and Shaping Processes: 5. Plastic Technology: 6. Advance Super finishing Technology:

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