English for GTU 18 Course (I/II-COMMON - 3110002) (Decode)

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1. Vocabulary Building : lntroduction to Word Formation Types of word formation processes : compounding, clipping, blending, derivation, creative respelling, coining and borrowing Acquaintance with prefixes and suffixes Synonyms, antonyms and standard abbreviations. (Chapter - 1) 2. Phonetics : ΙΡΑ, Transcription, lntroduction to different accents (Chapter - 2) 3. Identifying Common Errors in Writing : Tenses, Subject - verb agreement, Noun-pronoun agreement, Misplaced modifiers, Articles, Prepositions, Modal Auxilliaries, Redundancies (Chapter - 3) 4. Basic Writing Skills : Sentence Structures, Use of phrases and clauses in sentences, Importance of proper punctuation, Creating coherence, Organizing principles of paragraphs in documents (Chapter - 4) 5. Nature and Style of Writing : Describing, Defining, Classifying, Writing introduction and conclusion (Chapter - 5) 6. Writing Practices : Comprehension, Precis Writing, Letter Writing, Email etiquettes, Abstract, Memo Writing (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Meenu Pandey] Pages: 270 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications