Physics (Group 2) for GTU 18 Course (I/II - Comp./IT/EE/ECE/Elex. - 3110018) (Decode)

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MODULE 1 : ELECTRONIC MATERIALS Free electron theory Density of states and energy band diagrams, Kronig-Penny model (to introduce origin of band gap), Energy bands in solids, E-k diagram, Direct and indirect bandgaps, Types of electronic materials : metals, semiconductors and insulators, Density of states, Occupation probability, Fermi level, Effective mass, Phonons. (Chapter - 1) MODULE 2 : SEMICONDUCTORS Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors Dependence of Fermi level on carrier-concentration and temperature (equilibrium carrier statistics) Carrier generation and recombination, Carrier transport : diffusion and drift, p-n junction, Metal-semiconductor junction (Ohmic and Schottky), Semiconductor materials of interest for optoelectronic devices. (Chapter - 2) Module 3 : LIGHT-SEMICONDUCTOR INTERACTION Optical transitions in bulk semiconductors : absorption, spontaneous emission and stimulated emission; Joint density of states Density of states for photons, Transition rates (Fermi's golden rule) Optical loss and gain; Photovoltaic effect, Exciton Drude model. (Chapter - 3) MODULE 4 : MEASUREMENTS Four-point probe and Van Der Pauw measurements for carrier density, Resistivity and hall mobility Hot-point probe measurement, capacitance-voltage measurements, Parameter extraction from diode I - V characteristics, DLTS, Band gap by UV-Vis spectroscopy, absorption/transmission. (Chapter - 4) MODULE 5 : SUPERCONDUCTIVITY Introduction of Superconductivity Properties of superconductor Effect of magnetic field Meissner effect Pressure effect Impurity effect Isotopic mass effect Mechanism of Superconductivity : BCS Theory Penetration depth : Magnetic field Josephson's junction and its application Application of superconductors. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Archana H. Bhapkar] Pages: 192 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications