Programming for Problem Solving for GTU 18 Coursey (I/II-COMMON - 3110003) (Decode)

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1. Introduction to computer and programming : Introduction, Basic block diagram and functions of various components of computer, Concepts of Hardware and software, Types of software, Compiler and interpreter, Concepts of Machine level, Assembly level and high level programming, Flowcharts and Algorithms (Chapter - 1) 2. Fundamentals of C : Features of C language, structure of C Program, comments, header files, data types, constants and variables, operators, expressions, evaluation of expressions, type conversion, precedence and associativity, I/O functions (Chapter - 2) 3. Control structure in C : Simple statements, Decision making statements, Looping statements, Nesting of control structures, break and continue, goto statement (Chapter - 3) 4. Array & String : Concepts of array, one and two dimensional arrays, declaration and initialization of arrays, string, string storage, Built-in-string functions (Chapter - 4) 5. Functions : Concepts of user defined functions, prototypes, definition of function, parameters, parameter passing, calling a function, recursive function, Macros, Pre-processing (Chapter - 5) 6. Recursion : Recursion, as a different way of solving problems. Example programs, such as Finding Factorial, Fibonacci series, Ackerman function etc. Quick sort or Merge sort. (Chapter - 5) 7. Pointers : Basics of pointers, pointer to pointer, pointer and array, pointer to array, array to pointer, function returning pointer (Chapter - 6)

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Pages: 312 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications