Physics (Group 1) for GTU 18 Course (I/II - Mech./Civil - 3110011) (Decode)

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MODULE 1 : Properties of Matter Concept of Load, Stress and Strain Hook's Law Stress-Strain Diagram Ductility, Brittleness and Plasticity Elastic behavior of solids Working stress and factor of safety Factors affecting elasticity Types of Elasticity Twisting couple on a cylinder or wire-shaft Torsional Pendulum Cantilever-Depression of Cantilever Young's modulus by Cantilever I-shape Griders Viscosity and comparison of viscosities (Chapter - 1) MODULE 2 : Waves, Motion and Acoustics Simple Harmonic motion Free, forced, resonance, damped and undamped vibration Damped harmonic motion Force vibration and amplitude resonance Velocity resonance and energy intake Wave motion, transverse and longitudinal vibration Sound absorption and reverberation Sabine's formula and usage (excluding derivation) Acoustic of building (Chapter - 2) Module 3 : Ultrasonic and Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Ultrasonic waves Properties of ultrasound Production of ultrasonic waves : Piezoelectric and magnetostriction method Detection of ultrasound Application of ultrasound Introduction of NDT Advantages of NDT NDT through ultrasound (Chapter - 3) Module 4 : Superconductivity Introduction of Superconductivity Properties of superconductor Effect of magnetic field Meissner effect Pressure effect Impurity effect Isotopic mass effect Mechanism of Superconductivity : BCS Theory Penetration depth : Magnetic field Josephson's junction and its application Application of superconductors (Chapter - 4) Module 5 : Lasers Properties of Laser Einstein's theory of matter radiation : A and B coefficients Amplification of light by population inversion Different types of lasers gas lasers ( He-Ne) solid-state lasers(ruby) Properties of laser beams : mono-chromaticity, coherence, directionality and brightness, laser speckles Applications of lasers in science, engineering and medicine. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Archana H. Bhapkar] Pages: 192 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications