Programming for Problem Solving for JNTU-H 18 Course (I - I - ECE & ME/Civil/AI and ML, AI & DS/CSE (AI & ML), CSE (IoT), & ECM - CS103ES) & (I - II - EEE/CSE/IT) (Decode) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I : Introduction to Programming Introduction to components of a computer system : disks, primary and secondary memory, processor, operating system, compilers, creating, compiling and executing a program etc., Number systems Introduction to Algorithms : steps to solve logical and numerical problems. Representation of Algorithm, Flowchart/Pseudo code with examples, Program design and structured programming Introduction to C Programming Language : variables (with data types and space requirements), Syntax and Logical Errors in compilation, object and executable code, Operators, expressions and precedence, Expression evaluation, Storage classes (auto, extern, static and register), type conversion, The main method and command line arguments Bitwise operations: Bitwise AND, OR, XOR and NOT operators Conditional Branching and Loops : Writing and evaluation of conditionals and consequent branching with if, if-else, switch-case, ternary operator, goto, Iteration with for, while, do-while loops I/O : Simple input and output with scanf and printf, formatted I/O, Introduction to stdin, stdout and stderr. Command line arguments (Chapters - 1, 2, 3, 5) Unit - II : Arrays, Strings, Structures and Pointers Arrays : One and two dimensional arrays, creating, accessing and manipulating elements of arrays Unit - III : Preprocessor and File handling in C Unit - IV : Function and Dynamic Memory Allocation Unit - V : Introduction to Algorithms

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Author: [Atul P.Godse, Dr.Deepali A. Godse] Pages: 196 Edition: 2022 Vendors: Technical Publications