Basic Electrical Engineering for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (I/II- Common - 18ELE23) (Decode)

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MODULE- ι D.C. Circuits: Ohm's ιaw and Kirchhoff's ιaws, analysis of series, para!le! and series- paraΠel circυits excited by independent voltaqe sources. Power and Enerqy. A.C. Pundamentals : Generation of sinusoida! voltaqe. frequency of qenerated voltaqe, definition and numerical values of averaqe value, root mean square value, form factor and peak factor of sinιιsoidally varyinq voltaqe and current. phasor representation of alternatinq quantitίes. (Chapters ι, 2) MODULE- 2 Single Phase Circuits : Analysis. wίtlι ρfιasor diaqram, of circιιits witlι R, ι. C, R-ι. RC. R-ι-C for series and parallel confiqurations. Real power, reactive power, apparent power and power factor. Three Phase circuits : Advantaqes of 3-phase power, Generation of 3-phase power, Three-phase balanced circuits, voltaqe and current relations in star and delta connections. Measurement of three phase power usinq two wattmeter rnethod. (Ch11pters - 3, 4) MODULE-3 Single Phase Transformers : Necessity of transformer, Prίnciple of operatίon, Types and construction of transformers. emf equation, Iosses, variation of Iosses with resρect to Ioad. efficiency, Condition for maximum effίciency. Domestic Wiring: Service mains. meter board ancl distribιιtίon boarcl. Brief cliscιιssion οη concealecl conduit wirinq. Two-way and three-way control. Elementary discussίon οη circuit ρrotective devίces : Fuse and Miniatιιre Cίrcuit Breaker (MCB's),electric sl1ock, ρrecaυtions aqainst shock. Eartl1inq Piρe and Plate earthinq. (Ch11pters s, 6) MODULE-4 DC Generators: Princip!e of operation, Constrυction of D.C. Generators. Expression for indυced e111f. Types of D.C. Generators,Relation between induced ernf and terrninal voltaqe. DC motors : Principle of operation, Back emf, Torque eqιιation, Types of dc motors, Characteristics of dc motors (shunt and series motors only) and Applications. (Ch11pters 7, 8) MODULE-5 Three Phase Synchronous Generators : Principle of operation, Constructional details, Synchronous speed, Frequency of s;ιenerated voltas;ιe, emf equation, Concept of wίndin!J factor (excludin!J the derίvation and calculation of distribution and pitch factors). Three Phase Induction Motors : Principle of operation, Generation of rotatins;ι mas;ιnetic field, Construction and workin!J of three-phase induction motor, Slip and its sis;ιnificance. Necessity of starter, star-delta starter. (Chapters - 9, 10)

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Author: [Uday A. Bakshi, Varsha U. Bakshi] Pages: 181 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications