Engineering Physics for JNTU-H 18 Course (I - I - ME/CIVIL - PH102BS) (Decode) (OLD EDITION)

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UNIT-1 : Introduction to Mechanics Transformation of scalars and vectors under Rotation transformation, Forces in Nature, Newton's laws and its completeness in describins;ι particle motion, Form invariance of Newton's second Iaw, Solvins;ι Newton's equations of motion in polar coordinates, Problems includins;ι constraints and friction, Extension to cylindrical and spherical coordinates. (Chapter - 1) UNIT-11 : Harmonic Oscillations Mechanical and electrical simple harmonic oscillators, Complex number notation and phasor representation of simple harmonic motion, Damped harmonic oscillator: heavy, critical and lis;ιht dampins;ι, Eners;ιy decay in a damped harmonic oscillator, Quality factor, Mechanical and electrical oscillators, Mechanical and electrical impedance, Steady state motion of forced damped harmonic oscillator, Power observed by oscillator. (Chapter - 2) UNIT-111: Waves ίη One Dimension Transverse wave οη a strins;ι , The wave equation οη a strins;ι , Harmonic waves, Reflection and transmission of waves at a boundary, Impedance matchins;ι , Standins;ι waves and their Eis;ιen frequencies , Lons;ιitudinal waves and the wave equations for them, Acoustic waves and speed of sound, Standins;ι sound waves. (Chapter - 3) UNIT-IV: Wave Optics Huys;ιen's principle, Superposition of waves and interference of lis;ιht by wave front splittins;ι and amplitude splittins;ι, Youns;ι's double slit experiment, Newton's rins;ιs, Michelson's interferometer, Mach-Zehnder interferometer, Frunhofer diffraction from a sins;ιle slit and circular aperture, Diffraction s;ιratins;ι- resolvins;ι power. (Chapter - 4) UNIT-V : Lasers and Fibre Optics Lasers : Introduction to interaction of radiation with matter, Coherence, Principle and workins;ι of Laser, Population inversion, Pumpins;ι, Types of Lasers : Ruby Iaser, Carbon dioxide (CO2) Iaser, He-Ne laser, Applications of laser. Fibre Optics : Introduction, Optical fibre as a dielectric wave !Juide, Total internal reflection, Acceptance ans;ιle, Acceptance cone and Numerical aperture, Step and Graded index fibres, Losses associated with optical fibres, Applications of optical fibres. (Chapter - 5)

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Author: [Archana H. Bhapkar] Pages: 128 Edition: 2021 Vendors: Technical Publications