Database Management Systems for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - IT - 314442) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I : Introduction to DBMS Introduction : Database Concepts, Database System Architecture, Data Modeling: Data Models, Basic Concepts, entity, attributes, relationships, constraints, keys. E-R and EER diagrams : Components of E-R Model, conventions, converting E-R diagram into tables, EER Model components, converting EER diagram into tables, legacy system model. Relational Model : Basic concepts, Attributes and Domains, Codd's Rules. Relational Integrity: Domain, Entity, Referential Integrities, Enterprise Constraints, Schema Diagram. Relational Algebra : Basic Operations, Selection, projection, joining, outer join, union, difference, intersection, Cartesian product, division operations (examples of queries in relational algebraic using symbols). (Chapter - 1) Unit - II : Database Design and SQL Database Design : Functional Dependency, Purpose of Normalization, Data Redundancy and Update Anomalies, Single Valued Normalization: 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF. Decomposition : lossless join decomposition and dependency preservation, Multi valued Normalization (4NF), Join Dependencies and the Fifth Normal Form. Introduction to SQL : Characteristics and advantages, SQL Data Types and Literals, DDL, DML, DCL, SQL Operators, Tables: Creating, Modifying, Deleting, Views: Creating, Dropping, Updating using Views, Indexes, Nulls SQL DML Queries : SELECT Query and clauses, Set Operations, Predicates and Joins, Set membership, Tuple Variables, Set comparison, Ordering of Tuples, Aggregate Functions, Nested Queries, Database Modification using SQL Insert, Update and Delete Queries. (Chapter - 2) Unit - III : Query Processing and Database Transactions Query Processing : Overview, Measures of query cost, Evaluation of expression, Materialization and Pipelining algorithm. Transaction : Basic concept of a Transaction, Transaction Management, Properties of Transactions, Concept of Schedule, Serial Schedule, Serializability: Conflict and View, Cascaded Aborts, Recoverable and No recoverable Schedules. Concept of Stored Procedures, Cursors, Triggers, assertions, roles and privileges Programmatic SQL: Embedded SQL, Dynamic SQL, Advanced SQL-Programming in MYSQL. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV : Concurrency Control and Advanced Databases Concurrency Control : Need, Locking Methods, Deadlocks, Time-stamping Methods, and Optimistic Techniques. Recovery Methods : Shadow-Paging and Log-Based Recovery, Checkpoints, Performance Tuning, Query Optimization with respect to SQL Database. Database Architectures : Centralized and Client-Server Architectures, 2 Tier and 3 Tier Architecture, Introduction to Parallel Databases, Key elements of Parallel Database Processing, Architecture of Parallel Databases, Introduction to Distributed Databases, Architecture of Distributed Databases, Distributed Database Design. (Chapter - 4) Unit - V : Large Scale Data Management Emerging Database Technologies : Introduction to No SQL Databases- Internet Databases, Cloud Databases, Mobile Databases, SQLite Database, XML Databases, MongoDB. Introduction to Big Data and XML : DTD, XML Schemas, XQuery, XPath. JSON : Overview, Data Types, Objects, Schema, JSON with Java/PHP/Ruby/Python. Hadoop : HDFS, Dealing with Massive Datasets-Map Reduce and Hadoop. Introduction to HBase : Overview, HBase Data Model, HBase Region, Hive. (Chapter - 5) Unit - VI : Data Warehousing and Data Mining Data Warehousing : Introduction, Evolution of Data Warehouse, Characteristics, Benefits, Limitation of Data Warehousing, Architecture and Components of Data Warehouse, Conceptual Models, Data Mart, OLAP. Data Mining : Process, Knowledge Discovery, Goals of Data Mining, Data Mining Tasks, Association, Classification, Clustering, Big Data (Terminology and examples) Introduction to Machine learning for Big Data and Business Intelligence. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Shweta Kothawade] Pages: 296 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications