Soft Computing for SPPU 15 Course (BE - I - IT - 414457B) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I Introduction Basic concepts of Soft Computing, Historical Developments and Definitions, Soft Computing Characteristics and Problem Solving - Strengths and Weaknesses, Constitutes of Soft Computing : Neural Computing, Fuzzy Logic and Computing, Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms, Probabilistic Reasoning. (Chapter - 1) Unit - II Neural Networks Overview Fundamentals : Biological Neurons and Model of Artificial Neuron. Neural Network Architectures : Single Layer Network, Multi-Layer Feed Forward Neural Networks and Feedback Networks. Perceptron Model and Learning in Perceptron, Limitation of Learning in Perceptron, Error Back Propagation learning in Multilayer FFNN. Performance Issues of EBP algorithm for MLFFNN. (Chapter - 2) Unit - III Neural Network Architectures Complex Architectures Learning : Competitive Learning-Self Organizing Maps, Hebbian Learning-Hopfied Networks, Boltzmann Machines, Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) Networks, Bayesian Neural Networks, Deep Learning Architecture of Neural Networks, Applications of Neural Networks. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Sets and Operations, Fuzzy Relations, Fuzzy Arithmetic and Fuzzy Measures, Fuzzy to Crisp Conversions : Lambda Cuts for Fuzzy sets, Fuzzy Relations, Defuzzification Methods, Fuzzy Rules and Reasoning, Fuzzy Inference Systems, Mamdani Fuzzy Models - Sugeno Fuzzy Models, Applications of Fuzzy Modeling for Decision Making. (Chapter - 4) Unit - V Genetic Algorithms Introduction, Encoding, Operators of Genetic Algorithm, Basic Genetic Algorithm, Simple GA, Crossover and Mutation, Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA). Genetic algorithms in search and optimization, Ant colony optimization (ACO), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). Applications of GA for Clustering. (Chapter - 5) Unit - VI Advances in Soft Computing Soft Computing Paradigms and Hybrid Approaches. Neuro-Fuzzy modeling, Genetic Algorithm Based Backpropagation Network, Fuzzy logic based Backpropagation, Fuzzy Logic Controlled Genetic Algorithms, Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [I. A. Dhotre] Pages: 162 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications