Basic Civil Engineering for GTU 18 Course (I/II - Mech./Civil - 3110004) (Decode)

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Module - 1 INTRODUCTION to CIVIL ENGINEERING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING MATERIALS Introduction, Branches, Scope, Impact, Role of Civil Engineer, Units of measurement, Unit conversion (Length, Area, Volume). List of materials, Details (types, properties, uses) of materials : Cement, Aggregate, Brick, Steel, Concrete, Stone, Soil, Mortar, Timber, Plastic, Epoxy, Flyash, Steel slag, Copper slag, Bitumen, Optical fiber, Pipe, Wire, Cable, Smart material, Basic hand fill tests, FRP Water and waste water quality characteristics, drinking water standards, Road traffic, traffic control, traffic signals & Intersections. (Chapter - 1) Module - 2 INTRODUCTION to BUILDING AND TOWΝ PLANNING Definition and concept of plan of a simple residential building, Principles ofplanning, Elementary principles and basic requirements for building planning, elevation and section of a residential building. Principles of town planning, Necessity of town planning Origin of town, Growth of town, Land use, Principles and objects of zoning, Advantages of zoning, Low cost housing, Prevention of slum, FSI. (Chapter - 2) Module - 3 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING SERVICES Building Construction : Types of building, Components of building & its functions, types of loads acting on building, Types of brick bonds, Typical building layout, Symbols used in electrical layout, Symbols used for water supply, plumbing and sanitation. Nominal dimensions for door, window and furniture. Building Services : Types of building services like plumbing & sanitation, water supply & draingae system, electricity, building finishes, HVAC. (Chapter - 3) Module - 4 INTRODUCTION to SURVEYING AND LEVELLING Introduction, Fundamental principles, Classification. Linear measurement : Instruments used, Chaining on plane ground, Offset, Ranging.

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Author: [G.Sumalatha] Pages: 262 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications