Software Engineering & Project Management for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - IT - 314443) (OLD EDITION)

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UNIT – I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Nature of Software, Software Process, Software Engineering Practice, Software Myths, Generic Process model, Analysis and comparison of Process Models: Waterfall Model, Incremental Models, Evolutionary Models, Concurrent, Specialized Process Models, Personal and Team Process Models, Introduction to Clean Room Software Engineering. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) : Verification and Validation, SQA Plans, Software Quality Frameworks, ISO 9000 Models, CMM Models. (Chapter - 1) UNIT – II REQUIREMENT ANALYSIS Requirements Capturing : Requirements engineering (elicitation, specification, validation, negotiation, prioritizing requirements (Kano diagram) - real life application case study. Requirements Analysis : Basics, scenario based modeling, UML models: use case diagram and class diagram, data modeling, data and control flow model, behavioral modeling using state diagrams - real life application case study, software Requirement Specification. (Chapter - 2) UNIT – III PROJECT PLANNING Project initiation, Planning Scope Management, Creating the Work Breakdown Structure, Effort estimation and scheduling: Importance of Project Schedules, Estimating Activity Resources, Estimating Activity Durations, Developing the Schedule using Gantt Charts, Adding Milestones to Gantt Charts, Using Tracking Gantt Charts to Compare Planned and Actual Dates, Critical Path Method, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) with examples. Planning Cost Management, Estimating Costs, Types of Cost Estimates, Cost Estimation Tools and Techniques, Typical Problems with IT Cost Estimates. (Chapter - 3) UNIT – IV AGILE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Agile Development : Agile manifesto, agility and cost of change, agility principles, myth of planned development, toolset for the agile process. Extreme Programming : XP values, process, industrial XP, SCRUM - process flow, scrum roles, scrum cycle description, product backlog, sprint planning meeting, sprint backlog, sprint execution, daily scrum meeting, maintaining sprint backlog and burn-down chart, sprint review and retrospective. Agile Practices : test driven development, refactoring, pair programming, continuous integration, exploratory testing versus scripted testing (Chapter - 4) UNIT – V PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project monitoring and control: tools for project management, Software tools like Microsoft project management or any other open source tools. The Importance of Project Quality Management: Planning Quality Management, Performing Quality Assurance, Controlling Quality, Tools and Techniques for Quality Control (statistical control, six sigma) The Importance of Project Risk Management, Planning Risk Management, Common Sources of Risk in IT Projects. (Chapter - 5) UNIT – VI RECENT TRENDS IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT Software configuration management : SCM basics, SCM repository, SCM process, SCM tools such as GitHub, CASE – taxonomy, tool-kits, workbenches, environments, components of CASE, categories (upper, lower and integrated CASE tools). Emerging software engineering trends : technology evolution, process trends, collaborative development, test-driven development, global software development challenges Project Management trends : CRM, ERP: Basic concepts, Advantages and limitations, SAP, Business process reengineering, International Project Management, Case studies. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [A.A.Puntambekar] Pages: 156 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications