Data Mining & Warehousing for SPPU 15 Course (BE - I - Comp.- 410244(D)) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I Introduction Data Mining, Data Mining Task Primitives, Data : Data, Information and Knowledge; Attribute Types : Nominal, Binary, Ordinal and Numeric attributes, Discrete versus Continuous Attributes; Introduction to Data Preprocessing, Data Cleaning : Missing values, Noisy data; Data integration : Correlation analysis; transformation : Min-max normalization, z-score normalization and decimal scaling; data reduction: Data Cube Aggregation, Attribute Subset Selection, sampling and Data Discretization : Binning, Histogram Analysis. (Chapter - 1) Unit - II Data Warehouse Data Warehouse, Operational Database Systems and Data Warehouses (OLTP Vs OLAP), A Multidimensional Data Model : Data Cubes, Stars, Snowflakes and Fact Constellations Schemas; OLAP Operations in the Multidimensional Data Model, Concept Hierarchies, Data Warehouse Architecture, The Process of Data Warehouse Design, A three-tier data warehousing architecture, Types of OLAP Servers : ROLAP versus MOLAP versus HOLAP. (Chapter - 2) Unit - III Measuring Data Similarity and Dissimilarity Measuring Data Similarity and Dissimilarity, Proximity Measures for Nominal Attributes and Binary Attributes, interval scaled; Dissimilarity of Numeric Data : Minskowski Distance, Euclidean distance and Manhattan distance; Proximity Measures for Categorical, Ordinal Attributes, Ratio scaled variables; Dissimilarity for Attributes of Mixed Types, Cosine Similarity. (Chapter - 3) Unit - IV Association Rules Mining Market basket Analysis, Frequent item set, Closed item set, Association Rules, a-priori Algorithm, Generating Association Rules from Frequent Item sets, Imroving the Efficiency of a-prioi, Mining Frequent Item sets without Candidate Generation : FP Growth Algorithm; Mining Various Kinds of Association Rules : Mining multilevel association rules, constraint based association rule mining, Meta rule-Guided Mining of Association Rules. (Chapter - 4) Unit - V Classification Introduction to : Classification and Regression for Predictive Analysis, Decision Tree Induction, Rule-Based Classification : using IF-THEN Rules for Classification, Rule Induction Using a Sequential Covering Algorithm. Bayesian Belief Networks, Training Byesian Belief Networks, Classification Using Frequent Patterns, Associative Classification, Lazy Learners-k-Nearest-Neighbor Classifiers, Case-Based Reasoning. (Chapter - 5) Unit - VI Multiclass Classification Multiclass Classification, Semi-Supervised Classification, Reinforcement learning, Systematic Learning, Wholistic learning and multi-perpective learning. Metrics for Evaluating Classifier Performance : Accuracy, Error Rate, precision, Recall Sensitivity, Specificity; Evaluating the Accuracy of a Classifier : Holdout Method, Random Sub sampling and Cross-Validation. (Chapter - 6)

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Author: [Parag S. Kulkarni, Rajesh H. Kulkarni, Shilpa Pimpalkar,Dr. Rajesh Prasad] Pages: 133 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications