Data Analytics for SPPU 15 Course (BE - I - Comp.- 410243) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I Introduction and Life Cycle Introduction : Big data overview, state of the practice in Analytics- BI Vs Data Science, Current Analytical Architecture, drivers of Big Data, Emerging Big Data Ecosystem and new approach. Data Analytic Life Cycle: Overview, phase 1 - Discovery, Phase 2- Data preparation, Phase 3 - Model Planning, Phase 4 - Model Building, Phase 5 - Communicate Results, Phase 6- Opearationalize. Case Study : GINA (Chapters - 1, 2) Unit - II Basic Data Analytic Methods Statistical Methods for Evaluation - Hypothesis testing, difference of means, wilcoxon rank - sum test, type 1 type 2 errors, power and sample size, ANNOVA. Advanced Analytical Theory and Methods : Clustering - Overview, K means - Use cases, Overview of methods, determining number of clusters, diagnostics, reasons to choose and cautions. (Chapters - 3, 4) Unit - III Association Rules and Regression Advanced Analytical Theory and Methods: Association Rules - Overview, a-priori algorithm, evaluation of candidate rules, case study-transactions in grocery store, validation and testing, diagnostics. Regression- linear, logistics, reasons to choose and cautions, additional regression models. (Chapter - 5) Unit - IV Classification Decision trees - Overview, general algorithm, decision tree algorithm, evaluating a decision tree. Naïve Bayes - Bayes' Algorithm, Naïve Bayes' Classifier, smoothing, diagnostics. Diagnostics of classifiers, additional classification methods. (Chapter - 6) Unit - V Big Data Visualization Introduction to Data visualization, Challenges to Big data visualization, Conventional data visualization tools, Techniques for visual data representations, Types of data visualization, Visualizing Big Data, Tools used in data visualization, Analytical techniques used in Big data visualization. (Chapter - 7) Unit - VI Advanced Analytics-Technology and Tools Analytics for unstructured data - Use cases, Map Reduce, Apache Hadoop. The Hadoop Ecosystem - Pig, HIVE, HBase, Mahout, NoSQL. An Analytics Project-Communicating, operationalizing, creating final deliverables. (Chapter - 8)

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Author: [Sandeep M. Chitalkar,Swati B. Bhonde,Ravindra P. Bachate,Dr.Rajesh Prasad] Pages: 133 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications