Finite Element Analysis for SPPU 15 Course (BE - I - Mech. - 402044 A) (OLD EDITION)

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1: Fundamental Concepts of FEA Introduction: Solution methodologies to solve engineering problems, governing equations, mathematical modelling of field problems in engineering, discrete and continuous models. Brief history of FEM, Finite Element terminology (nodes, elements, domain, continuum, degrees of freedom, loads & constraints), general steps involved in FEM, applications of FEM in various fields, advantages and disadvantages of FEM, consistent units system, essential and natural boundary conditions, symmetric boundary conditions. Introduction to different approaches used in FEA 2: 1D Elements Types of 1D elements, displacement function, global and local coordinate systems, polynomial form of interpolation functions- linear, quadratic and cubic, properties of shape function, primary and secondary variables. Formulation of elemental stiffness matrix and load vector for bar, truss and beam using any approach, Formulation of load vector due to uniform temperature change (only for bar). Assembly of global stiffness matrix and load vector, properties of stiffness matrix, half bandwidth, treatment of boundary conditions- elimination approach, stress and reaction forces calculations. 3: 2D Elements Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis: Plane Stress/Strain problems in 2D elasticity, constitutive relations Constant Strain Triangle (CST), Liner Strain Rectangle (LSR), displacement function, Pascal‘s triangle, compatibility and completeness requirement, geometric isotropy, convergence requirements, strain filed, stress filed, Formulation of element stiffness matrix and load vector for Plane Stress/Strain problems. Assembly of global stiffness matrix and load vector, Boundary conditions, solving for primary variables (displacement), stress calculations. 4: Isoparametric Elements and Numerical Integration Concept of isoparametric elements, Terms isoparametric, super parametric and subparametric. 5: 1D Steady State Heat Transfer Problems 6: Dynamic Analysis

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Author: [Anup Goel, Parmeshwar Patil,N.I. Jamadar,Siddu S.,Shaikh Ubaid] Pages: 306 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications