Computer Graphics for MSBTE I Scheme (III - CO/CM/CW - 22318)

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Unit - I Basics of Computer Graphics 1.1 Image and Objects, pixel and resolution, Text mode, Graphics mode, Basic Graphics Pipeline, Bitmap and Vector Based Graphics, Applications of Computer Graphics. 1.2 Display Devices : Raster-Scan Display, Random-Scan Display, Flat Panel Display, LED LCD display, plasma, touch screen. 1.3 Output primitives : line, polygon, marker, text. 1.4 Graphics functions and standards. 1.5 Latest trends in Computer Graphics : virtual reality Augmented reality Unit - II Raster Scan Graphics 2.1 Basic concepts in line drawing : Line drawing algorithms : Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) algorithm, Bresenham's algorithm. 2.2 Circle generating algorithms : Symmetry of circle, Bresenham's circle drawing algorithm. 2.4 Polygons - Types of polygons, inside-outside test, Polygon Filling : Seed fill algorithms : Flood fill, Boundary fill, scan line algorithms. 2.5 Scan conversion, Frame Buffers. 2.6 Character generation methods : stroke, starburst, bitmap. Unit - III Overview of Transformations 3.1 Two Dimensional Transformations : Translation, Scaling, Rotation, Reflection, Shearing. 3.2 Matrix representations and homogeneous coordinates : Translation Scaling, Rotation, Reflection, Shearing. 3.3 Composite Transformations - rotation about an arbitrary point. 3.4 Three dimensional transformations : Translation, Scaling, Rotation 3.5 Types of projections : Perspective and Parallel projection. Unit - IV Windowing and Clipping 4.1 Windowing and clipping concepts : Window to - viewport transformation. 4.2 Line clipping : Cohen Sutherland clipping algorithm, Cyrusbeck, Liang Barsky, Midpoint subdivision. 4.3 Polygon clipping : Sutherland - Hodgeman. 4.4 Text clipping Unit - V Introduction to Curves 5.1 Curve Generation : Arc generation using DDA algorithm, Interpolation 5.2 Types of curves : Hilbert's Curve, Koch curve, B - Spline, Bezier curves.

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Author: [A.P.Godse, S.B. Tamboli,M.V. Salvi] Pages: 131 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications