Mechanical Working Drawing for MSBTE I Scheme (III - ME - 22341)

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I Development of Surfaces [Marks - 08] 1a.Draw development of lateral surfaces of the given solid. 1b.Identify parts where concept of development of the given surfaces is required. 1c.Draw development of given sheet metal / non - metal parts. 1.1 Development of Lateral surfaces of cube, prisms, cylinder, pyramids, cone. 1.2Applications of development of surfaces such as tray, funnel. II Intersection of Solids [Marks - 14] 2a.Identify parts where concept of intersection of the given solids is required. 2b.Draw curves of intersection of the given solid combinations. Curves of intersection of surfaces of the regular solids in the following cases: 2.1Prism with prism (Tri-angular and square), Cylinder with cylinder, Square Prism with Cylinder when (i) the axes are at 90 and bisecting (ii) The axes are at 90 and Offset. 2.2Cylinder with Cone: when axis of cylinder is parallel to both the reference planes and cone resting on base on HP with axis intersecting and offset from axis of cylinder. III Conventional Representation IV Production Drawings V Details to Assembly VI Assembly to Details

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Author: [Milind W. Ingole,Rajesh S. Gorde,Manoj Y. Bhojane] Pages: 262 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications