Advanced Surveying for MSBTE I Scheme (III - CE/CR/CS - 22301)

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Unit - I Plane Table Surveying 1.1 Principle of plane table survey. 1.2 Accessories of plane table and their use, Telescopic alidade. 1.3 Setting of plane table; Orientation of plane table - Back sighting and Magnetic meridian method, True Meridian Method. 1.4 Methods of plane table surveys - Radiation, Intersection and Traversing. 1.5 Merits and demerits of plane table survey. Unit - II Theodolite Surveying 2.1 Types and uses of Theodolite; Component parts of transit Theodolite and their functions, Reading the Vernier of transit Theodolite. 2.2 Technical terms - Swinging, Transiting, Face left, Face right. 2.3 Fundamental axes of transit Theodolite and their relationship. 2.4 Temporary adjustment of transit Theodolite. 2.5 Measurement of horizontal angle - Direct and Repetition method, Errors eliminated by method of repetition. 2.6 Measurement of magnetic bearing of a line, Prolonging and ranging a line, deflection angle. 2.7 Measurement of vertical Angle. 2.8 Theodolite traversing by included angle method and deflection angle method. 2.9 Checks for open and closed traverse, Calculations of bearing from angles. 2.10 Traverse computation - Latitude, Departure, Consecutive coordinates, Independent coordinates, Balancing the traverse by Bowditch's rule and Transit rule, Gale's Traverse table computation. Unit - III Tacheometric Surveying 3.1 Principle of tacheometry, Tacheometer and its component parts, Anallatic lens. 3.2 Tacheometric formula for horizontal distance with telescope horizontal and staff vertical. 3.3 Field method for determining constants of tacheometer, 3.4 Determining horizontal and vertical distances with tacheometer by fixed hair method and staff held vertical. 3.5 Limitations of tacheometry. Unit - IV Curve setting 4.1 Types of curves used in roads and railway alignments. 4.2 Notations of simple circular curve Designation of the curve. 4.3 Setting simple circular curve by offsets from long chord and Rankine's method of deflection angles. Unit - V Advanced Surveying Equipments 5.1 Principle of Electronic Distance Meter (EDM), its component parts and their functions, use of EDM. 5.2 Construction and use of One Second Micro Optic Theodolite, Electronic Digital Theodolite, Features of Electronic Theodolite. 5.3 Construction and Use of Total Station, Temporary adjustments. 5.4 Use of function keys. 5.5 Measurements of Horizontal angles, vertical angles, distances and co-ordinates using Total Station. Traversing, profile Survey and Contouring with Total Station. Unit - VI Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS 6.1 Remote Sensing - Over view, Electro-magnetic Energy, Remote sensing system, Active and Passive system, Applications of remote sensing in Mining, land/use Land cover, mapping, disaster management and Environment. 6.2 Construction and use of Global Positioning System (G.P.S.) 6.3 Geographic Information System (GIS) : Overview, Components, Applications, Softwares for GIS, Sources of errors in GIS.

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Author: [Yogendra V.Bachhav, Asmita M.Bansode] Pages: 87 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications