Building Construction for MSBTE I Scheme (III - CE/CR/CS - 22304)

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Unit - I Overview of Building components 1.1 Classification of Buildings : As per National Building Code - Part - III (2005) Group A to I Latest code may be referred. As per Types of Constructions - Load Bearing Structure, Framed Structure, Composite Structure. 1.2 Building Components : a. Building Components and their function. b. Substructure - Foundation, Plinth and Plinth Filling. c. Superstructure - Walls, Partition wall, cavity wall, Sill, Lintel, Doors and Windows, Floor, Mezzanine floor, Roof, Columns, Beams, Parapet. Unit - II Construction of Substructure 2.1 Job Layout : Site Clearance, Preparing Job Layout, Layout for Load Bearing Structure and Framed Structure by Center Line and Face Line Method, Precautions. 2.2 Earthwork : Excavation for Foundation, Timbering and Strutting, Earthwork for Embankment, Material for Plinth Filling, Tools and Plants used for Earthwork. 2.3 Foundation : Functions of Foundation, Types of Foundation-Shallow Foundation, Stepped Footing, Wall Footing, Column Footing, Isolated and Combined Column Footing, Raft Foundation, Grillage Foundation. Deep Foundation - Pile Foundation, Classification based on materials and functions, Well foundation and Caissons, Pumping Methods of Dewatering, Deep wells, Well points, Cofferdams. Unit - III Construction of Superstructure 3.1 Stone Masonry : Terms used in stone masonry - facing, backing, hearting, through stone, corner stone, cornice. Type of stone masonry : Rubble masonry, Ashlar Masonry and their types. Joints in stone masonry and thei purpose and procedure. Selection of Stone Masonry, Precautions to be observed in Stone Masonry construction. 3.2 Brick Masonry : Terms used in brick masonry - header, stretcher, closer, quoins, course, face, back, hearting, bat bond, joints, lap, frog line, level and plumb. Bonds in brick masonry - header bond, stretcher bond, English bond and Flemish bond. Requirements of good brick masonry, Junctions in brick masonry and their purpose and procedure, Precautions to be observed in Brick masonry, construction. Comparison between stone mansonry and brick masonry. Tools and plants required for construction of stone and brick masonry. Hollow concrete block masonry and composite masonry. 3.3 Scaffolding : Necessity, component parts and types of Scaffolding, platforms used for multi storeyed building. 3.4 Scaffolding and Shoring : Purpose, Types of Scaffolding, Process of Erection and Dismantling, Purpose and Types of Shoring, Underpinning, Formwork : Definition of Formwork, Requirements of Formwork, Materials used in Formwork, Types of Formwork, Removal of formwork. Unit - IV Building Communication and Ventilation 4.1 Horizontal Communication : Doors - Components of Doors, Fully Panelled Doors, Partly Paneled and Glazed Doors, Flush Doors, Collapsible Doors, Rolling Shutters, Revolving Doors, Glazed Doors, Sizes of Door recommended by BIS. 4.2 Windows : Component of windows, Types of Windows - Fully Panelled, Partly Panelled and Glazed, wooden, Steel, Aluminum windows, Sliding Windows, Louvered Window, Bay window, Corner window, clear-storey window, Gable and Dormer window, Skylight, Sizes of Windows recommended by BIS, Ventilators, Cement Grills. 4.3 Fixtures and fastenings for doors and windows. 4.4 Material used and Functions of Window Sill and Lintels, Weather, Shed/Chajja. 4.5 Vertical Communication : Means of Vertical Communication - Stair Case, Ramps, Lift, Elevators and Escalators, Terms used in staircase-steps, tread, riser, nosing, soffit, waist slab, baluster, balustrade, going, scotia, hand rails, newel post, landing, headroom, winder. Types of staircase-on the basis of shape : Straight, dog-legged, open well, Spiral, Quarter turn, Bifurcated, Three quarter turn and Half turn, On the basis of Material : Stone, Brick, R.C.C., wooden and Metal. Unit - V Building Finishes 5.1 Floors and Roofs : Types of Floor Finishes and its suitability - Shahabad, Kota, Marble, Granite, Kadappa, Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified, Chequerred tiles, Pavement Blocks, Concrete Floors, Wooden Flooring, Skirting And Dado. Process of Laying - Process of laying. And Construction, Finishing and Polishing of Floors, Roofing Materials - RCC, Mangalore Tiles, AC Sheets, G.I. and Painted Corrugated G. I. Sheets, Plastic and Fibre Sheets. Types of Roof : Flat roof, Pitched Roof - King Post truss, Queen Post Truss and Lean of Roof terms used in roofs. 5.2 Wall Finishes : Plastering - Necessity of Plastering, Procedure of Plastering, Single Coat Plaster, Double Coat Plaster, Rough Finish, Neeru Finishing and POP, Special Plasters - Stucco Plaster, Sponge Finish, Pebble Finish, Plaster Board And Wall Claddings. Precaution to be Taken While Plastering. Defects in Plaster, Pointing - Necessity, Types of pointing and Procedure of Pointing, Painting - Necessity, Surface Preparation for painting, Methods of Application, Selecting Suitable Painting Material. Unit - VI Building Maintenance 6.1 Cracks : Causes and Types of Cracks, Identification and Repair of Cracks. Grouting and Guniting. 6.2 Settlement of Foundation : Types, Causes and Remedial measures. 6.3 Demolition : Necessity, Method of Demolition. Hand Demolition, Machine Demolition, Controlled Blasting. Demolition Implosion, Precautions During Demolition. 6.4 Water Proofing : Necessity and importance, Material used for Water Proofing. Non conventional method of waterproofing - Introduction of crystalline waterproofing, cement base polymer coatings. Conventional waterproofing methods - brick bat coba waterproofing, Box type water proofing, Injection/ grouting. Plinth Protection necessity and material used, Damp Proof Coarse.

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