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UNIT I Biasing of Discrete BJT, JFET and MOSFET BJT - Need for biasing - DC Load Line and Bias Point - DC analysis of Transistor Circuits - Various biasing methods of BJT - bias Circuit Design - Thermal stability - Stability - Stability factors - Bias compensation techniques using Diode, thermistor and sensistor - Biasing BJT Switching Circuits - JFET - DC Load Line and Bias Point - Various biasing methods of JFET - JFET Bias Circuit Design - MOSFET Biasing - Biasing FET Switching Circuits. (Chapters - 1, 2) UNIT II BJT Amplifiers Small signal Hybrid equivalent circuit of BJT - Early effect - Analysis of CE, CC and CB amplifiers using Hybrid equivalent circuits - AC load line analysis - Darlington amplifier Bootstrap technique - cascade, cascode configurations - Differential amplifier, Basic BJT Differential Pair - Small signal analysis and CMRR. (Chapter - 3) UNIT III Single Stage FET, MOSFET Amplifiers Small signal Hybrid equivalent circuit of FET and MOSFET - Analysis of CS, CD and CG amplifiers using Hybrid equivalent circuits - Basic FET differential pair - BiCMOS circuits. (Chapter - 4) UNIT IV Frequency Response of Amplifiers Amplifier frequency response - Frequency response of transistor amplifiers with circuit capacitors - BJT frequency response - Short circuit current gain - cut off frequency - , and unity gain bandwidth - Miller effect - frequency response of FET - High frequency analysis of CE and MOSFET CS amplifier - Transistor Switching Times. (Chapter - 5) UNIT V Power Supplies and Electronic Device Testing Linear mode power supply - Rectifiers - Filters - half - wave Rectifier Power Supply - Full - Wave Rectifier Power Supply - Voltage regulators : Voltage regulation - Linear Series, shunt and switching Voltage Regulators - Over voltage protection - BJT and MOSFET - Switched mode power supply (SMPS) - Power Supply Performance and Testing - Troubleshooting and Fault Analysis, Design of Regulated DC Power Supply. (Chapter - 6)

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Pages: 360 Edition: 2023 Vendors: Technical Publications