Highway Engineering for MSBTE I Scheme (III - CE/CR/CS - 22302)

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Unit - I Overview to Highway Engineering 1.1 Scope and Importance of roads in India and it's Characteristics. 1.2 Different modes of transportation. 1.3 General classification of roads. 1.4 Road classifications in India (Nagpur plan) Third road development (Lucknow) plan. 1.5 Development of Urban roads. 1.6 Requirements of an ideal road alignment and the factors affecting road alignment. Unit - II Geometric Design of Highway 2.1 Various terms used in Highway : Camber : Definition, purpose, types as per IRC - recommendations. 2.2 Kerbs : Road margin, road formation, right of way. 2.3 Design speed and various factors affecting design speed as per IRC - Recommendations. 2.4 Gradient : Definition, types as per IRC - Recommendations. 2.5 Sight distance (SSD) : Definitions, types IRC - recommendations, simple numerical. 2.6 Curves : Necessity, types : Horizontal, vertical curves. 2.7 Widening of roads : types and problems. 2.8 Super elevation : Definition formula for calculating minimum and maximum Super elevation and method of providing super - elevation. 2.9 Standards cross - sections of national highway in embankment and cutting. Unit - III Construction of Road Pavements 3.1 Types of road materials and their Tests - Test on aggregates - Flakiness and Elongation Index Test, Angularity Number Test, test on Bitumen penetration, Ductility, Flash and Fire point test and softening point test. 3.2 Pavement - Definition, Types, Structural Components of pavement and their functions. 3.3 Construction of WBM road. Merits and demerits of WBM road. 3.4 Construction of flexible pavement/ Bituminous Road, Types of Bitumen and its properties, Emulsion, Cutback, Tar, Terms used in BR - prime coat, tack coat, seal coat, Merits and Demerits of BR. 3.5 Construction of cement concrete - methods of construction - Alternate and Continuous Bay Method, Construction joints, filler and sealers, merits and demerits of concrete roads. Unit - IV Traffic Engineering 4.1 Traffic Volume Study (TVS) - Definition of Traffic Volume and Traffic Density, Objectives of TVS. 4.2 Passenger Car Unit (PCU) and factors affecting it. 4.3 Traffic control devices - road signs, marking, Signals, Traffic island, Signals - Types. 4.4 Road signs - Types - Regulatory, Prohibitory and Informatory, Sketches of road signs. Types of road markings. 4.5 Traffic island - Types - Divisional, Channelizing, Pedestrian, Rotary. 4.6 Road intersections - Grade and grade separated intersections. 4.7 Accident studies with causes, Collision Diagram. Unit - V Hill Roads 5.1 Hill roads, its components, functions. 5.2 Types of hill road curves. 5.3 Drainage of hill roads : Side drains, catch water drains, cross drains, 5.4 Construction procedure of hill roads. 5.5 Landslides - Types and Causes 5.6 Prevention of Landslides. Unit - VI Drainage, Maintenance and Road Repair 6.1 Drainage - Definition, necessity and methods. 6.2 Surface drainage : side gutter, catch 6.3 Water drain. Subsurface drainage - Longitudinal and Cross drains. 6.4 Classification and necessity highway of maintenance. Causes of failure of flexible pavement - WBM road, Bituminous road. 6.5 Causes of failure of rigid pavement - Cement concrete road 6.6 Need for highway maintenance. Classification of maintenance. 6.7 Special repair of flexible and Rigid pavements.

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Author: [Jyotsna N. Thorat-Shingte,Seema V. Kolhe,Jayie B. Shah] Pages: 8 Edition: 2020 Vendors: Technical Publications