Digital Communication for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (VI- ECE - 18EC61)

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Module - 1 Bandpass Signal to Equivalent Lowpass : Hilbert Transform, Pre-envelopes, Complex envelopes, Canonical representation of bandpass signals, Complex low pass representation of bandpass systems, Complex representation of band pass signals and systems. Line codes : Unipolar, Polar, Bipolar (AMI) and Manchester code and their power spectral densities Overview of HDB3, B3ZS, B6ZS. (Chapter - 1) Module - 2 Signaling over AWGN Channels - Introduction, Geometric representation of signals, Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization procedure, Conversion of the continuous AWGN channel into a vector channel, Optimum receivers using coherent detection: ML Decoding, Correlation receiver, matched filter receiver. (Chapter - 2) Module - 3 Digital Modulation Techniques : Phase shift Keying techniques using coherent detection: generation, detection and error probabilities of BPSK and QPSK, M-ary PSK, M-ary QAM. Frequency shift keying techniques using Coherent detection: BFSK generation, detection and error probability. Non coherent orthogonal modulation techniques : BFSK, DPSK Symbol representation, Block diagrams treatment of Transmitter and Receiver, Probability of error (without derivation of probability of error equation) (Chapter - 3) Module - 4 Communication through Band Limited Channels : Digital Transmission through Band limited channels: Digital PAM Transmission through Band limited Channels, Signal design for Band limited Channels: Design of band limited signals for zero ISI - The Nyquist Criterion (statement only), Design of band limited signals with controlled ISI-Partial Response signals, Probability of error for detection of Digital PAM: Probability of error for detection of Digital PAM with Zero ISI, Symbol-by-Symbol detection of data with controlled ISI. Channel Equalization: Linear Equalizers (ZFE, MMSE), Adaptive Equalizers. (Chapter - 4) Module - 5 Principles of Spread Spectrum : Spread Spectrum Communication Systems: Model of a Spread Spectrum Digital Communication

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Author: [Dr. J.S.CHITODE] Pages: 228 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications