Business Communication using Computers for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Elex./ Comp./Electrical/Mech./Civil - 22009)

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Unit - I Introduction to Business Communication 1.1 Introduction to Communication : Elements, Importance, Functions. 1.2 Types (meaning and importance) - Verbal, (Oral - Written), Formal, Informal, Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal communication 1.3 Principles of effective communication 1.4 Barriers to communication - Physical, mechanical, psychological and linguistic. 1.5 Business communication : Meaning, Characteristics and importance. Unit - II Non-Verbal Communication 2.1 Introduction to Non-Verbal communication. (Meaning and importance) 2.2 Body language: Aspects of Body language : gestures, eye contact, posture, facial expressions, personal appearance (dressing and grooming) vocalics. 2.3 Body language - Positive and negative body language. Unit - III Presentation Skills 3.1 Presentation Skills – tips for effective presentation. 3.2 Guidelines for developing power point presentation. 3.3 Presenting Technical papers. Unit - IV Office Drafting 4.1. Office Drafting : Formats and Guidelines. 4.2. Formulating notices and memoranda. 4.3. Preparation of agenda, writing minutes of meetings. 4.4. Preparation of reports - progress reports, Accident reports, case study. 4.5. Summarizing techniques. Unit - V Business Correspondence 5.1 Business correspondence. 5.2 Enquiry, order and complaint letters. 5.3 E - mails - netiquettes. 5.4 Difference - Curriculum Vitae, Bio - data and Resume. 5.5 Job application and resume writing.

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Author: [Mangesh Hari Patil,Sandip Ramesh Pawar,Neelima Rajesh Nemade] Pages: 176 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications