Applied Science - Chemistry for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Electrical - 22211)

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Unit - I Water treatment and analysis 4.1. Hardness : Types of hardness, soap solution method, EDTA method. 4.2. Effect of hard water in boilers and prevention : Boiler corrosion caustic embrittlement, priming and foaming, scales and sludges 4.3. Water softening : Lime soda process (hot lime soda and cold lime soda process), zeolite process, ion exchange process (cation exchange and anion exchange) 4.4. Municipal water treatment : Sedimentation, coagulation, filteration and sterilization 4.5. Waste water : Characteristics BOD and COD, Sewage treatment, recycling of waste water. 4.6. De-salination process by reverse osmosis. Unit - II Electro chemistry and batteries 5.1 Electrical conductance in metals and electrolytes specific conductance equivalent conductance cell constant. 5.2 Conductance : Nature of solute, nature of solvent temperature concentration or dilution. 5.3 Electrodes : Hydrogen electrode, calomel electrode and glass electrode. 5.4 Conductometric Titration : 5.5 Batteries - Dry cell, alkaline battery, lead acid storage cell and Ni-Cd battery. H2 - O2 fuel cell. Lithium ion battery. Unit - III Metals, Alloys and Insulators 6.1 Properties of metals like copper, Aluminium, tungsten, platinum nickel. 6.2 Thermocouple alloy : Composition and characteristics of nickel alloy, platinum/rhodium, tungsten/rhenium, chromel-gold/iron. 6.3 Electrical insulators : Classification, Solic - ceramics, mica, asbestos, urea formaldehyde resin and glass, liquid – silicon fluid, gaseous-inert gases, hydrogen and nitrogen gas. 6.4 Types of rubber : Natural and synthetic, processing of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber : Properties and applications of Buna-N, Thiokol, Neoprene. 6.5 Process industry unit operations : Evaporation, condensation, Distillation, Energy balance and mass balance for above processes. 6.6 Nanomaterials : Applications of Fullerence, Graphene

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Author: [Dr.Kashmiri M.Khamkar,Vaishali M.Gokhale,Charulata S.Raut] Pages: 182 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications