C Programming Language for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Elex. - 22218) &Programming in C for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Comp. - 22226)

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Unit - I Overview of C Programming 1.1 Structure of 'C' program, Assembler, Linker, Compiler, Interpreter. (Refer sections 1.6, 1.7 and 2.4) 1.2 'C' character set - keywords, identifiers, types of constants (Integer, single character, string, and real) variables, scope of variables, concept of ASCII. (Refer sections 2.5, 2.8, Appendix A and C) 1.3 Data types : integer - unsigned, signed, long, float - float, double, character - char, string, octal, hexadecimal. (Refer section 2.7) 1.4 Algorithm and flow chart. (Refer sections 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) 1.5 Formatted inpurt and output statements, Input and output functions. (Refer section 2.11) 1.6 Operators and expressions : a. Operators in 'C' - arithmatic, logical assignment, relational, increment and decrement, conditional, bit wise, special operators. b. Expressions c. Precedance and associatively. (Refer sections 2.9 and 2.10) Unit - II Decision Control and Loop Control 2.1 Decision making if statement (if, if - else, nested if - else), switch - case statement. (Refer section 3.1) 2.2 Repetition in 'C' (loop control statement) while, do - while and for loop, break and continue statement, nested loops. (Refer section 3.2) Unit - III Array and Strings 3.1 Introduction to Array and its types (Refer sections 4.1 and 4.2) 3.2 Declaration, initialization of array, accessing elements of an array, adding, deleting, sorting and searching. (Refer section 4.3 and Appendix D) 3.3 Introduction to string Initializing, declaring and display of string. (Refer section 4.4) 3.4 String handling functions from standard library (strlen (), strcpy (), strcat (), strcmp (), strlwr (), strupr() ): (Refer sections 4.5 and 4.6) Unit - IV Functions 4.1 Concept and need of functions. (Refer section 5.1) 4.2 Library functions : Math functions, String handling functions, other miscellaneous functions. (Refer section 5.2) 4.3 Writing User defined functions, scope of variables. (Refer section 5.3) 4.4 Parameter passing : call by value, call by reference. (Refer section 5.4) 4.5 Recursive functions. (Refer section 5.5) Unit - V Pointers 5.1 Concept of pointer and pointer variables, initialization of pointer, call-by-reference. (Refer section 6.1) 5.2 Pointer arithmetic. (Refer section 6.2) 5.3 Handling arrays using pointers. (Refer section 6.3) 5.4 Handling functions using pointers. (Refer section 6.4) Unit - VI Structures 6.1 Introduction and Features and Syntax of structure. (Refer section 4.7) 6.2 Declaration and Initialization of Structures. (Refer sections 4.7.1 and 4.7.2) 6.3 Initializing, assessing structure members using pointers. (Refer section 4.7.3) 6.4 Type def., Enumerated Data Type, using structures in C Program. (Refer sections 4.8 and 4.9) 6.5 Operations on structure. (Refer sections 4.10 and 6.5) Programming in 'C' (22226) Computer Engineering Group (CO / CM / IF / CW) Unit - I Program Logic Development 1.1 Fundamentals of algorithms : Notion of an algorithm, Pseudo - code conventions like assignment statements and basic control structures. 1.2 Algorithmic problems : Develop fundamental algorithms to solve simple problems such as : i) Solve simple arithmetic expression, ii) Find the greatest of three numbers, iii) Determine whether a given number is even or odd, iv) Determine whether a given number is prime. 1.3 Flowchart : Flowchart, Symbols of flowchart, Guidelines for preparing Flowchart. Unit - II Basics of C programming 2.1 Introduction to C : History of 'C' General Structure of a 'C' program : Header files, 'main ' function. 2.2 Data Concepts : Character set, tokens, keywords, Identifiers, Variables, Constant, data types, C operators, Arithmetic operators, Arithmetic expression, declaring variables and data type conversion. 2.3 Basic Input output : Input and output statements, using printf() and scanf(), character input/output statements, input/output formatting, Use of comments. Unit - III Control Structures 3.1 Decision making and branching : Relational and logical operators, if statement, if else statement, nested if - else, if - else ladder' The switch statements. 3.2 Looping : While loop, Do ... While loop, For loop, Go to statement, Use of break and continue statements. Unit - IV Array and Structure 4.1 Characteristics of an array, One dimension and two dimension arrays. 4.2 Array declaration and Initialization 4.3 Array of characters, Operation on array 4.4 Character and String input/output 4.5 Introduction and Features of Structures, Declaration and Initialization of Structures. 4.6 Type def, Enumerated Data Type, using structures in C Program Unit - V Functions 5.1 Concept and need of functions 5.2 Library functions : Math functions, String handling functions, other miscellaneous functions. 5.3 Writing User defined functions, scope of variables. 5.4 Parameter passing : call by value, call by reference. 5.5 Recursive functions. Unit - VI Pointers 6.1 Concepts of pointers; declaring, initializing, accessing. 6.2 Pointer arithmetic. 6.3 Handling arrays using pointers 6.4 Handling functions using pointers 6.5 Handling structures using pointers.

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