Elements of Electronics for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Electrical - 22213)

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Unit - I Semiconductor Diode 1.1 Construction, symbol, working principle, specification, applications, forward and reverse biasing and V - I characteristics of following semiconductor diodes : PN Junction diode, Zener diode. 1.2 Special diodes : LED, Photodiode, LASER diode and Power diode. Unit - II Rectifiers and Filters 2.1 Types of Rectifiers : Half Wave, Full Wave Rectifier (Bridge and center tapped) : Circuit operation I/O waveforms for voltage and current. 2.2 Parameters of rectifier : Average DC value of current and voltage ripple factor ripple frequency PIV of diode, TUF and efficiency of rectifier. 2.3 Types of Filters : Shunt capacitor, Series inductor, LC and π filter. Unit - III Transistor 3.1 Different types of transistors : PNP, NPN 3.2 Transistor configurations : CB, CE, CC. 3.3 Transistor as a switch. Unit - IV Regulators and Power Supply 4.1 Load and line regulation. 4.2 Basic Zener diode voltage regulator. 4.3 Regulator IC's : IC's 78XX, 79XX, IC 723 as fixed, variable and dual regulated DC power supply. 4.4 Construction and operation of DC Regulated power supply. Unit - V Oscillators 5.1 Types of feedback : Positive feedback, negative feedback, Barhausen's criterion 5.2 Oscillator : Circuit Diagram and working of LC, RC and Crystal oscillator. Unit - VI Digital Electronics 6.1 Number system : binary, octal decimal and hexadecimal number system. 6.2 Boolean algebra : Demorgans Theorem 6.3 Logic gates : Logic symbol, logical expression and truth table of AND, OR, NOT EX - OR and EX - NOR gates. 6.4 Universal gates : NAND and NOR 6.5 Flip flop : Symbol, truth table and working of SR, JK, MS JK, T and D Flip - flops.

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Author: [Uday A.Bakshi,Atul P.Godse,Sachin S.Mahulkar,Ajaykumar K.Kakde] Pages: 248 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications