Basic Electronics for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Comp. - 22225)

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Unit - I Electronic Components and Signals 1.1 Active and passive components. 1.2 Resistor, capacitor, inductor symbols, working principles, applications, colour codes, specifications. 1.3 Voltage and current Source. 1.4 Signal Waveform, Time and frequency domain representation, Amplitude, Frequency, Phase, Wavelength. 1.5 Types of Signals : Sinusoidal, triangular and square. 1.6 Integrated Circuits - analog and digital. Unit - II Diodes and their Applications 2.1 Symbol, construction and working pronciple of P - N junction diode. 2.2 Rectifiers : Half wave, Full wave and Bridge Rectifier, working principle, circuit diagram, performance parameters PIV, ripple factor, efficiency, Need for filters : Circuit diagram and working of 'L', 'C' and '' filter. 2.3 Zener diode working principle, symbol, as voltage regulator. 2.4 Symbol, construction and working principle of Light Emitting Diode (LED). 2.5 Working principle and block diagram of regulated power supply. Unit - III Bipolar Junction Transistor 3.1 Unipolar and bipolar devices. 3.2 Symbol, construction and working principle of NPN transistor. 3.3 Transistor as switch and amplifier. 3.4 CE, CB and CC configurations. 3.5 Regions - Cut - off, saturation and Active region. 3.6 Transistor parameters - alpha, beta, input and output resistance and relation between alpha and beta. 3.7 Transistor biasing - DC load line, Q - point and Fix bias and voltage divider biasing. 3.8 RC coupled amplifier Unit - IV Field Effect Transistors 4.1 FET - types : JFET and MOSFET. 4.2 Classification of JFET. 4.3 Symbol, construction and working principle of N - channel and P - channel JFET, Drain and transfer characteristics of JFET. 4.4 JFET parameters : DC and AC drain resistance, Transconductance, amplification factor. 4.5 Symbol, construction and working principle of MOSFET Unit - V Sensors and Transducers 5.1 Working of sensors and transducers. 5.2 Selection criteria for transducers. 5.3 Active and passive transducers. 5.4 Inductive, capacitive, resistive pressure and piezoelectric transducer. 5.5 Photodiode and phototransistor transducers. 5.6 Thermocouple and Proximity sensors.

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Author: [Atul P.Godse,Uday A.Bakshi,Dr. R.S.Kale,Sachin S.Mahulkar,Ajaykumar K.Kakde] Pages: 250 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications