Applied Science - Chemistry for MSBTE I Scheme (II - Mech./Civil - 22202)

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Unit - I Metals, Alloys, cement and refractory materials 4.1 Metallurgy : Mineral, ore, gangue, flux, slag 4.2 Types of furnace : Muffle, furnace, Blast furnace 4.3 Extraction processes of Haernatite copper pyrite ores : Crushing concentration, reduction, refining. 4.4 Properties of iron and copper : Hardness, tensile strength, toughness, malleability, ductility, refractoriness, fatigue resistance, specific gravity, specific heat, brazing, castability stiffness. 4.5 Preparation of alloys (Fusion and compression method). 4.6 Ferrous alloys : Low carbon, medium carbon, high carbon steels. 4.7 Non-ferrous alloy : Brass, Bronze Duralumin, Tinman solder, Woods metal. 4.8 Cement : Types, Biocement and Portland cement, constituents, setting and hardening applications 4.9 Lime : Classification, constituents, setting and hardening application. 4.10 Refactory material ; Types, properties Unit - II Water treatment 5.1 Hardness classification 5.2 Hard water in boilers and prevention Boiler corrosion, caustic embrittlement priming and foaming, scales and sludges 5.3 Water softening : lime soda process (hot lime soda and cold time soda process), zeolite process, ion exchanges process (cation exchange and anion exchange), 5.4 Potable water treatment : Sedimetation coagulation, filtration and sterilization. 5.5 Waste water treatment : sewage treatment, BOD and COD of sewage water, Reverse Osmosis recycling of waste water. Unit - III Fuels and Combustion 6.1 Fuel : Calorific value and ignition temperature, classification, 6.2 Solid fuels : Coal, Classification and composition, proximate analysis, ultimate analysis, bomb calorimeter carbonization of coke by Otto Hofmann’s oven. 6.3 Liquids fuels : Fractional distillation of crude petroleum, boiling range, composition, Properties knocking cracking, Octane number and cetane number. 6.4 Gaseous fuels : Boigas, LPG and CNG, Combustion equation of gaseous fuels mass and volume of air required for complete combustion.

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Author: [Dr.Kashmiri M.Khamkar,Vaishali M.Gokhale,Charulata S.Raut] Pages: 232 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications