English for MSBTE I Scheme (I - Common - 22101)

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Unit Topic and Sub-topics Unit - I Applied Grammar 1.1. Articles: definite and indefinite 1.2. Prepositions: Usage 1.3. Conjunctions: Coordinating and Subordinating 1.4. Types of sentences : Assertive, Imperative, Exclamatory, Interrogative. 1.5. Tenses - Present Tense (Simple, Continuous, Perfect) - Past Tense (Simple, Continuous, Perfect) - Future Tense (Simple) 1.6. Active and Passive Voice 1.7. Direct and Indirect Speech. Unit - II Comprehension 2.1 Seen passages from MSBTE Work Book. 2.2 Importance of Comprehension. 2.3 Unseen Passages 2.4 Interpretation of Passages in Written and Spoken Form. Unit - III Paragraph and Dialogue writing 3.1 Types of Paragraph i. Technical ii. Descriptive iii. Narrative iv. Compare and contrast 3.2 Dialogue writing i. Greetings ii. Development of dialogue iii. Closing sentence Unit - IV Vocabulary Building 4.1. Rules of Spelling 4.2. Words Often Confused 4.3. Collocations 4.4. Idioms Unit - V Speeches 5.1. Importance of Public Speaking 5.2. Characteristics of Good Speech 5.3. Welcome Speech 5.4. Farewell Speech 5.5. Introducing a Guest 5.6. Vote of thanks

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