Heat Transfer for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - Mech. - 302042) (OLD EDITION)

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UNIT 1 : Introduction and Basic Concepts : Application areas of heat transfer, Modes and Laws of heat transfer, Three dimensional heat conduction equation in Cartesian coordinates and its simplified equations, thermal conductivity, Thermal diffusivity, Thermal contact Resistance. Boundary and initial conditions : Temperature boundary condition, heat flux boundary condition, convection boundary condition, radiation boundary condition. One dimensional steady state heat conduction without heat generation : Heat conduction in plane wall, composite slab, composite cylinder, composite sphere, electrical analogy, concept of thermal resistance and conductance, three dimensional heat conduction equations in cylindrical and spherical coordinates (no derivation) and its reduction to one dimensional form, critical radius of insulation for cylinders and spheres, economic thickness of insulation. UNIT 2 : One dimensional steady state heat conduction with heat generation : Heat conduction with uniform heat generation in plane wall, cylinder & sphere with different boundary conditions. Heat transfer through extended surface : Types of fins and its applications, Governing Equation for constant cross sectional area fins, solution for infinitely long & adequately long (with insulated end) fins, efficiency & effectiveness of fins. UNIT 3 : Thermal Insulation - Types and selection, Economic and cost considerations, Payback period Transient heat conduction : Validity and criteria of lumped system analysis, Biot and Fourier number, Time constant and response of thermocouple, Transient heat analysis using charts. UNIT 4 : Convection Fundamentals of convection : Mechanism of natural and forced convection, local and average heat transfer coefficient, concept of velocity & thermal boundary layers. Forced convection : Dimensionless numbers and their physical significance, empirical correlations for external & internal flow for both laminar and turbulent flows. Natural convection : Introduction, dimensionless numbers and their physical significance, empirical correlations for natural convection. UNIT 5 : Radiation Fundamental concepts, Spectral and total emissive power, real and grey surfaces, Stefan Boltzmann law, Radiation laws - Planks, Wiens, Kirchoff’s and Lambart’s cosine law with simple applications, Irradiation and radiosity, Electrical analogy in radiation, Radiation shape factor, radiation heat exchange between two black and diffuse gray surfaces, radiation shield. UNIT 6 : Heat Transfer Equipments Condensation and Boiling : Boiling heat transfer, types of boiling, pool boiling curve and forced boiling phenomenon, condensation heat transfer, film wise and drop wise condensation (simple numerical treatment). Heat exchangers : Classification and applications, heat exchanger analysis - LMTD for parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, effectiveness - NTU method for parallel and counter flow heat exchanger, cross flow heat exchanger, LMTD correction factor, design criteria for heat exchanger, Introduction to TEMA standards. Introduction to heat pipe, Introduction to electronic cooling - Discussion on active and passive methods.

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Author: [Srikanth V. karankoti, Shailesh M. Mulye] Pages: 263 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications