Digital Communication for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - E&Tc/Elex. - 304181) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit I : Digital Transmission of Analog Signal Introduction to Digital Communication System: Block Diagram and transformations, Basic Digital Communication Nomenclature. Digital Versus Analog Performance Criteria, Sampling Process, PCM Generation and Reconstruction, Quantization Noise,Non-uniform Quantization and Companding, PCM with noise: Decoding noise, Error threshold, Delta Modulation, Adaptive Delta Modulation, Delta Sigma Modulation, Differential Pulse Code Modulation, LPC speech synthesis. Unit II : Baseband Digital Transmission Digital Multiplexing : Multiplexers and hierarchies, Data Multiplexers. Data formats and their spectra, synchronization : Bit Synchronization, Scramblers, Frame Synchronization. Inter-symbol interference, Equalization Unit III : Random Signal & Noise Introduction, Mathematical definition of a random process, Stationary processes, Mean, Correlation & Covariance function, Ergodic processes, Transmission of a random process through a LTI filter, Power spectral density, Gaussian process, noise, Narrow band noise, Representation of narrowband noise in terms of in phase & quadrature components. Unit IV : Baseband Receiver Signal space representation : Geometric representation of signal, Conversion of continuous AWGN channel to vector channel, Likelihood functions, Coherent Detection of binary signals in presence of noise, Optimum Filter, Matched Filter, Probability of Error of Matched Filter, Correlation receiver. Unit V : Passband Digital Transmission Pass band transmission model, Signal space diagram, Generation and detection, Error Probability derivation and Power spectra of coherent BPSK, BFSK and QPSK. Geometric representation, Generation and detection of M-ary PSK, M-ary QAM and their error probability, Non-coherent BFSK, DPSK. Unit VI : Spread Spectrum Modulation Introduction, Pseudo noise sequences, A notion of spread spectrum, Direct sequence spread spectrum with coherent BPSK, Signal space dimensionality & processing gain, Probability of error, Concept of jamming, Frequency hop spread spectrum.

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Author: [Dr. J.S.Chitode] Pages: 296 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications