Turbo Machines for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - Mech. - 302044) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I Introduction to Turbo Machinery (Chapter - 1) Turbo machines (Hydraulic and Thermal), Classification of Turbo machines, Comparison with positive displacement machines, Fundamental equation governing turbo machines, Different losses associated with turbo-machinery, Applications of Turbo machines. Impact of Jet : Impulse momentum principle and its applications, Force exerted on fixed and moving flat plate, hinged plate, curved vanes, series of flat plates and radial vanes, velocity triangles and their analysis, work done equations, vane efficiency. Unit - II Impulse Water Turbines (Chapter - 2) Introduction to Hydro power plant, classification of hydraulic turbines construction, principle of working, velocity diagrams and analysis, design aspects, performance parameters, performance characteristics, specific speed, selection of turbines, multi-jet Pelton wheel. Unit - III Reaction Water Turbines (Chapter - 3) Classifications, Francis, Propeller, Kaplan Turbines, construction features, velocity diagrams and analysis, degree of reaction, performance characteristics. Draft tubes : types and analysis, causes and remedies for cavitation phenomenon Governing of turbines, Similitude and dimensional analysis of hydraulic turbines Unit - IV Steam Turbines (Chapter - 4) Steam nozzles : types and applications, Equation for velocity and mass flow rate [No numerical treatment]. Steam Turbines : Classifications, construction details, compounding of steam turbines, velocity diagrams and analysis of Impulse and reaction turbines (single and multi stage), governing, dimensional analysis, performance characteristics. Losses in steam turbines, selection of turbines. Unit - V Centrifugal Pumps (Chapter - 5) Classification of rotodynamic pumps, components of centrifugal pump, types of heads, velocity triangles and their analysis, effect of outlet blade angle, cavitation, NPSH, Thoma’s cavitation factor, priming of pumps, installation, specific speed, performance characteristics of centrifugal pump, series and parallel operation of pumps, system resistance curve, selection of pumps. Dimensional and Model analysis of hydraulic machines Unit - VI Centrifugal and Axial Compressor (Chapters - 6, 7) Centrifugal compressor : Classification of compressors, Construction, velocity diagram, flow process on T-S Diagram, Euler's work, actual work input, performance characteristics, various losses in centrifugal compressor. Axial Compressor: Construction, stage velocity triangles and its analysis, enthalpy entropy diagram, stage losses and efficiencies, performance characteristics. [No numerical treatment]

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Author: [Anup Goel] Pages: 352 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications