Theory of Machines - II for SPPU 15 Course (TE - I - Mech. - 302043) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I : Spur Gear Classification, Spur gear : definition, terminology, fundamental law of toothed gearing, involute and cycloidal profile, path of contact, arc of contact, conjugate action, contact ratio, interference and under cutting - Methods to avoid interference. Minimum number of teeth on gear and pinion only, Force analysis and Friction in gears. Unit - II : Helical, Bevel, Worm and Worm Wheel Helical and Spiral Gears : terminology, geometrical relationships, tooth forces, torque transmitted and efficiency, virtual number of teeth for helical gears Bevel Gear and Worm and worm wheel : terminology, geometrical relationships, tooth forces, torque transmitted. Bevel Gear : Theoretical treatment only Unit - III : Gear Trains Types of Gear Trains, analysis of epicyclic gear trains, Holding torque - Simple, compound and epicyclic gear trains, torque on sun and planetary gear train, compound epicyclic gear train, Bevel epicyclic Gear train. Unit - IV : Cam and Follower Types of cams and followers, analysis of standard motions to the follower, Determination of cam profiles for different follower motions, Methods of control: pressure angle, radius of curvature and undercutting. Jump phenomenon of Eccentric cam, Introduction to advanced cam curves (up to 3-4-5 Polynomial cam only) Unit -V : Synthesis of Mechanism Steps in synthesis process: Type, number and dimensional synthesis. Tasks of Kinematic synthesis: Path, function and motion generation (Body guidance). Precision Positions, Chebychev spacing, Mechanical and structural errors. Three position synthesis of four bar mechanism using Freudenstein’s equation. Analytical synthesis using kinematic coefficient in four bar mechanism. Unit -VI : Step-Less-Regulation (Theoretical Treatment only) and Gyroscope Continuous Variable Transmissions - Geometry, Velocity and torque analysis of Faceplate variators, conical variators, Spheroidal and cone variators, Variators with axially displaceable cones, PIV drives. Gyroscopes, Gyroscopic forces and Couples, Gyroscopic stabilisation for ship and Aeroplane, Stability of four wheel vehicle moving on curved path.

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Author: [Anup Goel] Pages: 278 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications