Machine Design for DTEK 15 Course (V - MECH. - 15ME53T)

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Unit 1 : Introduction to Design Machίne desίqn Classίficatίon General consίderations Load Stress Straίn Stress Straίn diaqrarn for rnild sιeel Bendinq and ιοrsίοη stress eqιιations Factor of safeιy and factors qoverninq selectίon of factor of safety Stress concentration Causes and rernedίes Desiqnatίon of rnaterίals as per 15 - Use of desiqn data book - Concept of theory of failure - Types. (Chapter - l) Unit 11 : Design of Fasteners Stresses ίη screwed fasteners - Bolts of uniforrn strenqth - Desiqn of bolts - Desiqn of studs for cylinder cover - Siιnple probleιns οη desiqn of bolts subjected to external force - Desiqn of riveted joints - Classification - lιnportant terιns used ίη riveted joints - Materials for rivets - Failures of riveted joints - Strenqt!1 and efficiency of riveted joints - Siιnple probleιns οη sinqle and double riveted lap joint - Sίnqle and double riveted butt joίnt (with sίnqle and double strap). (Chapters - 2. 3) Unit ΠΙ : Design of Shafts, Keys Types of shafts - Shaft ιnaterials - Standard sizes - Desiqn of shafts (llollow and solid) υsinq strenqth and riqidity criteria - Desiqn for Ιίηe shafts supported between bearin\lS with one or two pulleys ίη between or one overhυnq pυlley. Keys-Types-Desiqn of sυnk keys, Effect of keyways οη strenqtf1 of shaft - Sirnple problerns (excludinq keyways). (Chapter - 4) Unit IV : Design of Simple Machine Parts Desiqn of couplinqs Solid rnuff couplinq Flanqe couplinq (Protected and unprotected type) Cotter joίnt Knuckle joint. (Chapter • 5) Unit V : Design of Springs Sprinq - Terrninoloqy, Materials and specifications - Classificatίon and applications of sprinqs - Stresses in sprinqs. Wahl's correction factor. Deflection of sprinqs - Desiq11 of helical coιnρressio11 sprinqs subjected to unitorrn applied Ioads lit>e I.C. enqine valves, Weiqhinq balance. Railway buffers and qovernor sρrinqs - Problerns οη !1elical coιnρression sρrinqs only - Leaf sprinqs - Constrυction and application. (Chapter 6) Unit VI : Ergonomics and Aesthetic Consideration ίη Design Erfi1ono111ics of desiqn-Man-Machine relationship Equipments for controf Erqonomics considerations in desiψι of controls - Equiprnents for display - Er5Jonornics considerations in desi!Jn of display - Aesthetic considerations regarding shape. Size, Color (Morgan's code). (Chapter - 7)

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