Mechatronics for DTEK 15 Course (VI - EEE/Elective - 15EE63A)

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Unit - I : Introduction to Mechatronics System : Definition and scope, Evolution levels, Advantages and disadvantages of mechatronics, Component of mechatronics system with example. Introduction to measurement system and its applications. Control system - Open and closed loop system (Digital closed loop control system), Adaptive control system. Unit - II : Transducers and Sensors : Introduction, Definition and classification of transducers. Measurement versus transduction methods, Selection and specifications of transducer, Electromechanical-Resistance transducers (Linear and angular motion potentiometer), Variable inductor transducer (LVDT), RVDT, Synchros, Load cells, capacitive transducer (Capacitive tachometer). Piezoelectric transducers - Materials, Properties and working of Piezoelectric device, Digital transducers. Advantages and disadvantages of piezoelectric transducers. Piezoelectric accelerometer, Hall effect transducers. Photoelectric transducer-Photoelectric tachometer. Strain gauges-Types, Requirements, Wheat stone bridge (null mode). Sensors-Definition, Types and selection of sensors. Proximity sensor (Eddy current proximity sensor), Light sensor-digital optical encoder, Temperature sensor-Bimetallic strips, Resistance Temperature detectors (RTDs), Thermistor and thermocouples. Unit - III : Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition and Data Presentation : Measurement system components, Necessity of signal conditioning. Process adopted in signal conditioning. Function of signal conditioning equipments. AC and DC signal conditioning system. Data acquisition-Introduction, DAQ system. Analog to digital conversion (ADC)-Digital signal, ADC process, Components, A/D converter-Successive approximation type. Digital to analog conversion-R-2R ladder DAC. Data presentation-General aspects, Electrical indicating instruments, Electrical analog and digital instruments, Recorder, Printer and display system. Unit - IV : Actuation System : Introduction-Types, Mechanical actuators-Kinematic link, Kinematic chain-Types, gear drive-introduction, types gear train-definition, types. belt and belt drive. chain and chain drives, bearings. electrical actuators-types, switching devices-mechanical switches, solid state switches, Drives. Solenoid relays. Hydraulic actuators - Components of hydraulic system, Hydraulic valves-Spool valve, Poppet valve. Linear actuators-Single rod single acting cylinder, Single rod double acting cylinder. Pneumatic actuators-Comparison of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, Components of pneumatic system, Pneumatic valves-Types fluid control system, Current to pressure converter. Unit - V : Applications of Mechatronics System : Introduction to robotics. Microprocessor based robotic system, Description of some electrical, Electronics, Mechanical systems - Automatic camera, Automatic waching machine, Car engine management, Pick and place robot. Unit - VI : PLC and MEMS : Introduction, Features, Selection of PLC, Architecture of PLC, Operation cycle of PLC, Advantages and disadvantages of PLC. Programming, Ladder diagram-Basic logic gates, Timers, Internal relay, counters. MEMS-Advantages, Applications, Description of MEMS, General block diagram, Manufacturing of MEMS. MEMS accelerometer, Humidity sensor, Smart sensors.

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Author: [S. L. Gadhave] Pages: 284 Edition: 2018 Vendors: Technical Publications