Advanced Concrete Technology for SPPU 15 Course (BE - I - Civil- 401004) (OLD EDITION)

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Unit - I : Cement and its types : general, hydration of cement, alkali aggregate reaction. Grading curves of aggregates, Manufactured sand as fine aggregate, copper slag as fine aggregate Concrete: properties of concrete, w/b ratio, gel space ratio, Problems on maturity concept, aggregate cement bond strength, Green concrete , Guidelines for Quality control & Quality assurance of concrete, Effect of admixtures. Unit - II : Structural Light weight concrete, ultra light weight concrete, vacuum concrete, mass concrete, waste material based concrete, sulphur concrete and sulphur infiltrated concrete, Jet cement concrete (ultra rapid hardening), gap graded concrete, high strength concrete, high performance concrete, Self curing concrete, Pervious concrete. Geo polymer concrete. Unit - III : Design of high strength concrete mixes, design of light weight aggregate concrete mixes, design of fly ash cement concrete mixes, design of high density concrete mixes, Design of pumpable concrete mixes, Design of self compacting concrete. Advanced non-destructive testing methods : ground penetration radar, probe penetration, break off maturity method, stress wave propagation method, electrical/magnetic methods, nuclear methods and infrared thermographs Unit - IV : Historical development of fibre reinforced concrete, properties of metallic fibre, polymeric fibres, carbon fibres, glass fibres, basalt fibres and naturally occurring fibres. Interaction between fibres and matrix (uncracked and cracked matrix), basic concepts and mechanical properties : tension and bending. Unit - V : Properties of hardened FRC, behavious under compression, tension and flexure of steel fibres and polymeric fibres,GFRC, SFRC, SIFCON, SIMCON-development, constituent materials, casting, quality control tests and physical properties. Unit - VI : Ferrocement : Properties & specifications of ferrocement materials ,analysis and design of prefabricated concrete structural elements,manufacturing process of industrial concrete elements, precast construction, errection and assembly techniques.

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Author: [Technical Editorial Team] Pages: 96 Edition: 2019 Vendors: Technical Publications